Top 5 Mac and Cheese in Brampton

Published July 21, 2017 at 10:05 pm

Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and there are quite a few places that serve up this creamy, delicious dish at top notch quality in Brampton!

I love a good bowl of mac and cheese. The creamier the better, topped with meat, on its own, in the form of bites or fork food, some warm, gooey mac and cheese is good for any time of day. Whether you’re an adult reliving your childhood, a parent looking for the best mac and cheese for your kids, or you’re just craving a bite of comfort, there’s a dish for you in our city. 

After scouring low and high for the best mac and cheese in Brampton, I’ve gathered some intel for you.

Here is the top five mac and cheese in Brampton.

5) The Frigate & Firkin

You can get some pretty traditional, delicious mac and cheese at Queen and the 410 when you stop by this place. The pasta comes steaming to your table, the presentation is on point, and there’s also an option to add spicy chorizo to your already tasty meal. All of the pasta is coated well in cheese, and it has an extra layer of cheese on top. Overall, this mac and cheese is cheesy, gooey, and has a solid ratio of mac to cheese. The cheese is more stringy than creamy, if you dig that. The dish comes to about $15.

4) Mikey’s Bistro

This relatively new addition to Brampton’s food scene boasts Caribbean comfort food and unique dishes at County Court and Hurontario, including these seven deep fried mac’n’cheese bites for $8 on the nose. First off, never underestimate mac’n’cheese balls or bites – they are straight up delicious when they’re done right. These chicken nugget rivals were both made in-house and served with an in-house recipe for spicy ketchup, aka. Mikey’s special sauce. They make for a really good snack, chewy and gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside – very indulgent. The special sauce has the perfect kick to compliment these bites, and, according to Mikey himself, the police officers from across the street are repeat customers for these yummy mac’n’cheese bites!

3) Carve on Lot 5 

Alright, let’s get this out of the way – have you been on Carve’s patio yet? If you haven’t, you need to lounge there this weekend. Now, as for their mac and cheese, this $17 meal boasts cavatappi noodles tossed in a creamy three cheese sauce with crispy cubed pork belly on top, served with a garden salad which is coated in an acidic balsamic dressing. The pork belly is cooked just right and compliments the cheesy noodles. If you’re vegetarian, the noodles on their own could use more flavour – the meat eaters get the better end of the stick having the pork on top – so maybe throw on some ketchup (if you roll that way) or hot sauce. Over all, the service is quick and kind, and the dish was tasty and comforting.

2) J.Red & Co

In downtown Brampton on Main and Vodden, this modern resto serves up smoked cheddar mac’n’cheese egg balls. Now, that might be a mouthful, but when you get a real mouthful of these mac’n’cheese balls, their name will hardly matter. Priced at $12.50 for three sizeable balls as an appy. The mac’n’cheese is fried with a panko crust and plated with a flavourful red curry ketchup, which is definitely a new spin on mac’n’cheese. As usual, J.Red’s service is great and their unique dishes don’t fail to please

1) Food Fight Barbecue Bar

This new Airport and Queen restaurant serves up a lot of meat — from ribs to brisket to wings and beyond — and they make a mighty mac’n’cheese! Or, should I say, MadMac and Cheese. It is definitely a comforting and unique concoction, and though they use pasta shells in the dish, it’s some of the best mac’n’cheese I’ve ever had, and definitely tops this list. You can add pulled pork, brisket, smoked chicken, bacon, or all of the above (told you, there’s lots of meat here) to your cozy bowl of pasta. The pasta is drowned in a thick, creamy, fresh, flavourful cheese sauce that makes the dish and that I could eat by the spoonful. Over all, this is a solid mac’n’cheese that you need to try — heavy on the cheese!

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