Top 5 Lunch On the Go Spots in Brampton

Published March 10, 2018 at 6:57 pm

How many Brampton peeps have been so hungry, at a certain point you’re not even hungry anymore? There’s hangry, and then there’s new levels of misery. When the hanger strikes, sometimes you’re stuck eating lunch at your desk and if you’re lucky, you can take a book and go outside or practice mindfulness while consuming a delicious meal with both hands (and no phone).

For those ready to scarf down a quick and easy lunch, here are our top five on the go lunch spots in Brampton:

5) Fresh XPress

Celebrity chef Jason Rosso’s newest creation, Fresh Xpress near Main and Queen (still waiting on Juice and Rocco’s pizzeria!), definitely lives up to its name – it’s fresh and it’s quick. While this place boasts epic signature salads and you can customize them – which are a great on the go lunch option since it’s healthy, fast, and created in a to-go container – Fresh XPress is also a fun lunch on the go spot because of their less healthy snack foods menu, which you can create a lunch out of. Pizza cones are hand held and easy to eat, mac’n’cheese is a classic, and you can’t go wrong with fresh veggie Thai spring rolls! If you want a variety in your on the go lunch or a lunch made up of smaller snacks if you’re in a hurry, this place is for you. Be warned, the prices are a little steep, but the quality is great.

4) Fresh Burrito

Fresh Burrito is exactly that – fresh. With quick service and solid lunch combos (get a cookie and/or chips and/or pop for just a few extra bucks when you get a burrito!) They pride themselves on fresh toppings, and are pretty impressive seeing as they’ve been open right beside Burrito Boyz on Queen Street for some months now. This burrito joint, which also operates a location in Kitchener, makes all of its dishes in-house from scratch and offers such traditional Mexican fare as burritos (of course), quesadillas, tacos, and even churros! The restaurant also serves homemade guacamole and its very own signature red salsa and salsa verde (better known as green salsa), and they make their own burrito sauce with sour cream and mayo. The regular-sized chicken burrito is massive – it’s all you can eat and then an extra inch or two, so it’s perfect if you’re hungry and in a hurry. This super casual spot has very little seating space, so be prepared to grab and go.

3) Trish Juice

My love for Trish Juice is strong! Trish Juice is located on Queen Street in downtown Brampton, and they have a variety of options for lunch. Their pesto wrap is full of fresh veggies like spinach, cucumbers, and onions, smothered in pesto that’s the perfect texture, their avocado toast is affordable and boasts a thick layer of avocado topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, and hot sauce, and their smoothies and juices will have you craving more. It’s less than $6 for a delicious and fresh wrap that’s made with care and wrapped to-go for your on the go lunch! Trish Juice also has milkshakes, smoothies, juice, indulgent coffee, and bubble tea, so you can get something delicious to sip on and lunch never has to end.

2) Nahla’s Cuisine

Fresh and healthy with massive portion sizes that are ideal for a grab and go lunch, Nahla’s at Sandalwood and Bramalea holds it down by making all of their Middle Eastern meals and treats fresh and in-house. If you’re looking for a hearty and healthy meal, go here! You can get a salad bowl or a shawarma plate with your choice of meat or falafel (without all of the sauces on top to make it healthier), add extra protein (extra meat or falafel), grab some tabboleh or hummus with it, and even some lentil soup on the side. Let me tell you – their chicken shawarma plate was epic. The portion was massive and enough for two meals or two healthy people, the chicken was tender and flavourful, there’s a good heap of salad on the side, and I didn’t feel bloated after eating half of it. Or, you can wrap it all up as a shawarma and eat on the go! No need for sitting. The cherry on top is the incredibly kind service. 

1) The Grainery

The Grainery is so epic for lunch because of their sandwich and soup combos. For under $10 you can get a good portion of soup (in total, the Grainery boasts a whopping 15 different soups, stews, and chilis throughout the week, including beef stew, broccoli and cheese, Italian wedding, tomato bisque, minestrone, chicken noodle, and even chicken gumbo) and a 12″ sandwich with fresh meat, cheese, and bread – and you can pick your own with all of them. From whole wheat subs to flaky and buttery croissants, havarti jalapeno cheese to cheddar, and oven roasted chicken to prosciutto, you can customize your sandwich in so many ways and it’s straight up delicious every time. The Grainery also has small packaged salads and cookies and brownies for your dessert. And, there’s no space to sit, so they boot you out and your lunch is automatically on the go! Cheap, fresh, quick, and delicious – need I say more about they’re a top notch on the go lunch spot in Brampton?

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