Top 5 Leash-Free Dog Parks in Mississauga

Published April 2, 2016 at 3:01 pm


With warm weather approaching (hopefully sooner rather than later), it’s time for pet owners to let their animals out into open spaces where they can run as much as their hearts desire. That is, on one condition: that you take them to a leash-free zone or park that permits them to, as the name says, run leash-free. All pet owners know that their pups must be on a leash at all times unless they’re on their own (or consented) property, but they also know that it’s a nice treat to let their animals run free amongst other furry friends. 

Non-profit organisation Leash-Free Mississauga has established many parks around the city, and is a volunteer-run collective responsible for maintaining these parks and overseeing the day-to-day operations. They ask for a voluntary $15 membership for one dog, or $20 membership for two or more dogs for the entire year, which can be paid for at It really is just a small price to pay for the freedom both you and your pets will have in these areas. 

So where to take your dog when the sun comes out this month? We’ve got you covered with a list of the top 5 leash-free zones in Mississauga. Don’t forget your poop bag! 

5. Jack Darling Memorial Park  

Hours: 7AM–11PM, 7 days a week (excluding summers) 

One of the largest fully fenced off leash parks in Ontario, Jack Darling Park is probably the best-known leash-free park in Mississauga, known for it’s immense space and luscious foliage. But did you know that on summer weekends and holidays your pet needs to be on a leash? Their summer hours are between April 1st and September 30th, so if you want to be leash-free, make sure it’s during the weekdays.

There is no water available inside of the park, so be sure to bring a hefty supply on a warm summer’s day. There are, however, a good supply of poop bags to make sure owner’s clean up after their pets. 

4. Quenippenon Meadows

Hours? 7AM–9:30PM 

Also known as “Q Park,” Quenippenon Park is the newest park in the city to join the leash-free life. There are two fenced areas of the park, one adjacent to Erin Mills Parkway and accessible via southbound Erin Mills Parkway, and one behind the Streetsville Pumping Station that can be accessed by Middlebury Drive. Whichever entrance you choose, you’ll still have access to the other through the park with a total of 1.4 acres of leash-free land. The park also features a soccer field, tennis court, baseball field and splash-pad for an array of summer actives for the family. 

3. Parkway Belt 

Hours? 8AM–11PM, 7 days a week 

Located at the south end of the Hershey Trail, just north of Eglinton Avenue and west of the 403, Parkway Belt has recently received a bit of a makeover – new chain-link fencing which secures the perimeter of the park, and a plethora of newly planted trees to provide more shelter from the hot sun in the summer. Water is scarce within the 3.2 acres of Parkway Belt so you’ll want to make sure you bring a good water supply, but the otherwise safe and non-crowded area is an optimal park for northern Mississaugans. 

2. Totoredaca 

Hours? 5:30AM–Midnight, 7 days a week 

Equipped with a splash-pool and a “doggy-wash” station adjacent to the parking lot, Totoredaca Park, also known creatively as “Toto,” is a great option for both pets and owners. The 3.5 acre leash-free zone is home to a variety of terrains for animals to explore, and even has a separate enclosed area specifically for small dogs and puppies. The naturally wooded area makes for excellent shelter from the hot summer sun, and a lovely expanse of land for dogs to roam. 

1. Lakeside Park

Hours? 5:30AM–Midnight, 7 days a week 

Not to be confused with the Port Credit harbor front, Lakeside Park is west of Port Credit off of the Lakeshore just past Erin Mills. The 1.6 acre leash-free zone is at the waters’ edge of Lake Ontario, and offers a chain-link perimeter fence to ensure that all dogs stay within the park. When it’s warm outside, the nearby water serves as an easy cooling station animals, so it’s an optimal place to spend the day. The park is also great for families, as it has year-round restroom facilities and a splash-pad adjacent to the park for the youngsters. 

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