Top 5 Korean Fried Chicken Spots in Mississauga

Published April 18, 2023 at 1:27 pm

If you’re in the mood for a casual but tasty meal, you cannot go wrong with fried chicken–particularly Korean fried chicken in Mississauga.

Loaded with flavour, this simple comfort food staple is all you need to cap off a day at work or connect with friends in a no-frills setting.

Boasting one of the most diverse food scenes in Ontario (probably Canada, to be honest), there’s no shortage of Korean fried chicken joints in the city.

Here’s a look at our favourites:

5. BBQ Chicken: From the ambience to the amazing fried chicken, this place had it all. Located in the Hurontario and Dundas area, BBQ Chicken features some amazing fried chicken with exclusive Korean flavours. I tried their Gangnam Chicken, and it was amazing! The chicken itself was crispy and flavourful, but the glazed sauce really took it to the next level. We also got a side of Secret Fries topped with cheese and Korean sweet sauce and mayo–a near-perfect combo. Not to mention the ambience of the location is amazing if you’re looking for a late-night hangout with some friends!

4. The Fry: Here’s another spot some of you may have been expecting to see on this list, and I don’t blame you. With five locations in the GTA, The Fry is gaining a lot of popularity. This Korean fried chicken restaurant offers many choices when it comes to fried chicken. Similar to most Korean fried chicken restos, the prices are a little higher, but the quantity is quite large. It’s great to share with family and friends. If you’re starving and don’t want to share your chicken, that’s okay, too (we don’t judge). Seating here is quite limited, so be prepared to wait a little, just in case.

3. Chi-Mac: We had to include this Halal fried chicken spot on our list. The restaurant serves fried chicken in a variety of flavours (original, seasoned, BBQ, soy garlic, honey garlic and more), chicken wings, takoyaki, dumplings, spring rolls and more. Their chicken is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and their soy garlic sauce adds the perfect punch of flavour. Located at 1310 Dundas St E, Chi-Mac is a great spot if you’re looking for some late-night take-out!

2. K-Pocha: These are big portions with big flavour. The food does take a little time to come out, but they do give you some delicious hot corn on a sizzler while you wait. If you’re comfortable using chopsticks, you can pick away at them one kernel at a time before the main event arrives (think of it as a character-building exercise). Mains of fried chicken come in either 2.5 lbs for bone-in or 1.3 lbs for boneless bites. Options include original, spicy, sweet & spicy, soy & garlic, green onion, snowing chicken (garnished with sweet cheese powder), as well as combinations of a few of these as a half-and-half serving. You’ll even get a few fries with your chicken to break up the taste. The flavours will keep you coming back, even if the portion sizes inspire a bit of initial guilt.

1. Sikgaek Korean Restaurant and Bar: If that craving for fried chicken hits but you still want some culture in your meal, then this popular Mississauga restaurant is a must-try. Not only does Sikgaek specialize in standard Korean cuisine (think dumplings, kimchi, and a variety of rice and noodle dishes with meat options including beef, pork, and squid), but they also serve some amazing fried chicken. We tried the Uncle Joseph Korean Fried Chicken drizzled with garlic sauce and a generous amount of mozzarella cheese. The chicken has a perfectly crispy texture on the outside with juicy white meat on the inside – incredibly well seasoned and made even better with the very flavourful garlic sauce. Then there’s the mozzarella cheese, which was packed with flavour and had a nice stringy texture. I’d never thought about combining fried chicken with mozzarella cheese before, but this is definitely a match made in heaven.


Chicken Plus:
This is one of the newer spots in Mississauga, but you can’t tell based on how amazing their chicken is! They have so many options to choose from, as well as various spice options. Their Yang-Nyuem chicken has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, that will just burst your tastebuds. The boneless chicken is my personal favourite and the crispy outside just made it even more delicious to eat. The chicken also pairs quite well with their appetizer options like the cheesy fries and ddobokki. An added bonus is that the staff are quite friendly and helpful!

  1. Sikgaek Korean Restaurant and Bar
  2. K-Pocha
  3. House of Chimac
  4. The Fry
  5. BBQ Chicken
  6. Chicken Plus
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