Top 5 Kids Toy Stores in Mississauga

Published March 21, 2013 at 2:53 am


Let’s face it, kids have a monopoly on shopping just as much as women and toy companies know it. And there are plenty of places in Mississauga to spend money on your screaming, yet loveable, kids.
5. Build- A-Bear

This famed workshop allows kids to bring teddy bears to life by dressing them up as whomever and however they want. This store is full of arts and crafts, bright colours to attract an audience and is great for having a party. The customer service is also a good selling point, with their cheerful attitude and helpful suggestions. You can even sign up for your bear to be identified if ever lost. Bears are given a birth certificate on the day that they are made and each bear even has a barcode attached to them. This location is at Square One Mall.4. The Disney Store

I remember that when I was younger, back in the 90’s, this store was the best for a Disney kid. All the plush toys, action figures, accessories for girls and costumes that made you feel like Cinderella or Peter Pan. It has recently been remodelled and looks even better, with added characters like the Avengers. The toys don’t stay on shelves long, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see it the next time you come in. Every time I’m in Square One, I see a big Disney bag in a child’s hands with a smile on their face. The prices aren’t too bad, but the bigger or more extravagant the item, the more it costs. You can also shop on-line at I would recommend this store to anyone that loves adventure and wishes their kids to grow up with their all-time favourite characters.
3. Toys Toys Toys

The title is a dead give away, but kids will get a better idea of what they are about once they go inside and venture off into one of the best toy spots in the city. Conveniently located in Square One, this toyshop makes even the oldest of adults feel like a child again. It’s the kind of store you can happily get lost in or easily pass the time while just browsing at the wide collection of dolls that will be hard to find anywhere else. It doesn’t matter what TV show or name brand your kids are a fan of, they will find just about anything they need in here. Toy collectors of any age will feel comfortable and be right at home and are guaranteed to come back wanting more.
2. Lasting Toys

Lasting Toys is your oasis in the desert. A place for all things LEGO, it also has a tonne of themes to choose from, including the following: Pirates of theCaribbean; Disney Princess; Star Wars; Harry Potter. Personally, I’m a MiniMates fan at heart, because you can easily swap accessories and clothes and they are similar toys that come in a variety of movies and TV shows. And this place even lets you have parties, although it’s a bit pricey at $200 for 12 children or less. It may be money well spent, but you don’t have to go that far. They are located at 2410 Dunwin Drive, unit 3 in Mississauga. With toy stores like this one, kids can build a world of their own based on imagination and adventure, a world that can last forever.1. Mastermind Toys

There is no excuse not to visit. This place has it all and just opened at Eglinton and Hwy 10, waiting for you to bring your entire family. From toy brands like Aqua Play to Young Scientists Club, there is no reason your kids will not be able to take home at least two toys. I feel bad for the parents that have to practically fight their kids to leave, but feel even better for the kids who get that special toy. This is the kind of place that cheers a child right up after their worst day at school. If they had built in an ice cream shop inside, kids would probably camp out at the place indefinitely.  This store offers a variety of educational, as well as fun everyday toys, that any child would be proud to have. The employees’ kindness is a bonus and they actually do want to help, instead of pressuring you to buy. Whether you are on a budget or have just struck oil, this spot can accommodate any family.

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