Top 5 Kebab restaurants in Mississauga for 2021


Published January 29, 2021 at 8:34 pm


Foodies in Mississauga are constantly on the hunt for the best kebab spots in the city. 

Served on beds of rice, naan or salad, these delicious meats can be found in a variety of cuisines and each dish is simply bursting with flavour.

We’ve rounded up the top five places to get kebabs in Mississauga. 

5) Chapli Kabob

Succulent kabobs that are perfectly paired with fresh and lentil and veggies accentuated by native-grown rice is what you can expect at this joint. We tried the Wazeri Kabob which is a combination of one skewer prime chicken breast and a beef kofta kabob. The dish was flavourful and will definitely have you coming back for more.

4) The Kebab Bistro

This joint serves up a skewer of tender and juicy veal tenderloin marinated in a combination of delicious spices overnight. The salad is crunchy and fresh and it makes the perfect accompaniment alongside any of their meats. Aside from the appetizing food, the venue is quite pretty and the perfect spot to check out after lockdown if you’re celebrating something special.

3) Afghan Kebob Cuisine

The food here is absolutely fantastic and I’m sure you can tell based on the picture alone. The joint serves up  the juiciest skewers of meat on a bed of fluffy and flavourful rice and a refreshing side salad. This is the perfect Friday night or weekend dinner when you’re in the mood for something yummy but healthy. The establishment is super generous with their portions which is perfect for the next day’s lunch.

2) Istanbul Kebab House

This establishment has almost 3000 reviews on Google and we could see why. The flavour, the spices, the smokiness of the meat, and the overall dish itself is a masterpiece. After just one bite of that kebab, you will feel as if you’ve been transported to Turkey. This is the spot for authentic Turkish food that will satisfy your tastebuds and check off everything you want in a dish. The portion sizes are a little small but the more food, the better. 

1) Watan Kabob

With three locations in Mississauga Watan Kabob is a staple in the city and we all know why. Their meats are marinated to perfection and are juicy, tender and simply delectable. Pre-pandemic the resto is always packed and it’s been a popular joint for years. The Spicy boneless chicken breast is marinated with their special seasoning and then topped on a bed of fluffy rice. The salad is the perfect side and we cannot forget about those mouth-watering red and white sauces that pair perfectly with any meat of your choice.

  1. Watan Kabob
  2. Istanbul Kebab House
  3. Afghan Kebob Cuisine
  4. The Kebab Bistro
  5. Chapli Kabob
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