Top 5 Kebab in Mississauga


Palestinian independence or the best kebab in Mississauga? It's a toss-up as to what is a more controversial topic. Mississaugan's love their kebab and we certainly have our fair share of choices in the city.

So without further delay, please find the top five places for kebab in Mississauga. 

5. Pamier Kabob

I loved the food here from my very first visit. In fact, it was my first foray into the wonderful world of kebab and I quickly located the two Sauga locations. I usually get the crew together and crush a mixed chicken kebab platter and show off my Pashtun skills to the lady behind the cash.

4. Kandahar Kabob

I once knew a man from Egypt who would kill pigeons with his bare hands and BBQ them on a charcoal grill. Being a white boy from Montreal, I was wary. Slowly, I realized it was the best thing I ever tasted. Now, quail is not pigeon -- but the quail here conjured up amazing memories of crunching down on those deliciously spiced birds.  Be sure to order ahead of time, as service can be slow due to crowding during peak hours.

3. Bamiyan Kabob

Masood, my man from Afghanistan, took me to this joint in Toronto and I fell in love like a 25-year-old Dari man does with Azita Ghanizada (she is an actress of Afghani descent).   Whenever I hit this place up, I get the Choppan Kebb and I am never disappointed. Marinated lamb chops with Afghan spices grilled to perfection! I am literally drooling on my laptop thinking about this place.

2. Naan and Kabob

Remember stumbling down the street in a drunken stupor from My Apartment to Montfort? Nor do I. But Montfort is gone and Naan and Kebob has taken over the space like an Afghan homing pigeon. The food here is fantastic and fresh and the customer service is great. Try the Sultani Kabob with rice and top your meal off with a Firnee!

1. Watan Kabob

As a certified inspector of all meat on a stick, I have to say that this place is the industry standard in Mississauga when it comes to kebab.  From the Kofta wrap to the tandoori chicken kebab, I absolutely destroy everything from this place with extreme prejudice. The house-made hot sauce is off the charts and the hand-cut French fries with masala spice are fantastic! 

I want to give an honorable mention to Afghan Kebob Cuisine. This place is also delicious, so check it out as well. Tell them the George Clooney of Mississauga sent you (that's me BTW). 

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