Top 5 Jerk Chicken Joints in Mississauga


Published August 19, 2014 at 3:06 am


Jerk chicken is one of the most flavourful poultry dishes and Mississauga has a plethora of restaurants to choose from. I love how unique each of these places are — from having an autographed picture of a 90s Soca artist behind the counter to prove they’ve eaten there to having only one table and chair for dining to just being a place that’s been serving Caribbean food for over 20 years.

Here are the top five places to get jerk chicken in Mississauga:

5) Freddy’s Kitchen 

Located just south of 5 and 10 along Hurontario St. is a Caribbean gem called Freddy’s Kitchen. The address is 2515 Hurontario St., but the actual storefront faces King St. They have some of the best Caribbean dishes around, including oxtail and their incredibly flavourful jerk chicken. Freddy’s Kitchen boasts Jamaican cuisine that honours the melting pot of various cultures that have influenced the island over the years. They also have seafood, such as red snapper and lobster prepared in a variety of ways. This place is takeout only.

4) Charlie’s

Charlie’s is located right in the heart of Mississauga at HWY 10/Dundas across the street from my old high school, TLK! Charlie’s has been on lists before for best roti and ethnic grocery stores. The restaurant can fit about 25-30 people, so you’re much more likely to get a table here than at the other top two restos. The jerk chicken was nice and tender and had a really good kick to it. The skin was nice and perfectly crispy, and for a jerk chicken dinner, the portions were plentiful.

Little advice: Get their hot sauce that is soooo good they bottle it and sell it at the grocery store. It was sold out.

3) Shandra’s

Tucked away in a hidden strip mall on Eglinton between Tomken and Dixie is Shandra’s Roti Shop. Shandra’s has been around for 20 years and that speaks volumes. The jerk chicken was cooked perfectly and was still moist. The spices blended everything together perfectly. As if there wasn’t already enough taste, they put more gravy on top. This place does have seating but it’s very limited. Lines are common at lunchtime, so try to come around 11:45. I’m definitely going back next time for some Oxtail Roti.

Side Note: They had the best warning signs for refunds I have ever seen. Take a look.


2) Jeanie’s Market Bakery

Jeanie’s Market & Bakery, located at 6-3670 Odyssey Drive in Mississauga, is a market and bakery that is authentically Jamaican. It is the only Caribbean place around that provides its customers with take-out, bakery, and grocery options making it easy to shop and eat at the same time. Jeanie’s offers a variety of Jamaican products such as authentic Jamaican jerk seasoning, hot pepper sauces, jams, Jamaican cookies and crackers. If you’re looking for takeout, you don’t want to miss the jerk chicken–it’s more than worth trying.

1)  Mr Jerk

Is it worth the drive to Malton? For Mr. Jerk it most certainly is. If you punched a wall hard enough, this is the place you would get. No frills, no debit, no seats — just the best jerk chicken in Mississauga. Try to get there a bit earlier than noon, as the lunch crowd will create a line. Mr. Jerk also has chicken, pork, oxtail and much more on the menu. Oddly enough, you might get asked to work as I did. I had to help the lady behind the cash bring some boxes from the freezer. Fortunately, I would do anything for the best jerk chicken in the city.


  1. Mr Jerk
  2. Jeanie’s Market Bakery
  3. Shandra’s Roti Shop
  4. Charlie’s Caribbean Cuisine
  5. Freddy’s Kitchen
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