Top 5 Jerk Chicken in Brampton

Published November 2, 2016 at 3:38 am

Dutty, dutty, dutty love…That’s right, I have a love affair with Jerk Chicken and Btown has ‘nuff spots around town to satisfy a Gregory Isaac-type craving for that all spice, pimento grilled deliciousness. Word to the wise, Jamaicans do NOT drink red stripe on the regular, they prefer Dragon Stout and as such, each one of these spots you have to have one! In fact, just writing this is getting me thirsty, so let’s pour a dragon and chow down. Here are the top 5 places for Jerk Chicken in Btown.

Oh P.S., all of these came with coleslaw and oxtail gravy on the rice and peas.

5. Rose’s Caribbean Kitchen

A great spot set up just behind the superstore in the newish plaza with heavy Btown favorites like Pho Mi 99, Get Grill and Something Sweet 4 You. The jerk chicken here is everything you want in a good Jamaican restaurant. The food is fresh, the chicken is flavorful and moist with just a hint of spice. The rice and peas with oxtail gravy really play off the subtle spice on the Jerk Chicken.

$10.74 for a large after taxes

4. Portland Jerk

I really, really like this place. As soon as you walk into this spot, you can smell the grill and it smells of amazing jerk chicken, stew chicken and oxtail. My large order came out nice and hot with rice, peas, oxtail gravy and coleslaw. The chicken here was the spiciest of the top fives and left me hot and bothered like Drake did Rihanna….. WORK WORK WORK WORK!

$9.61 for a large after taxes

3. Mo Bay Jerk

NIGGGGGHT NUUUUURSE…… Damn this pot has some great jerk chicken. I hit this spot on the regular because the portions are decent, the food is fantastic and the location is pretty convenient (located right beside two of my favorite spots in Btown: Calypso Hut and Radica’s). Anyways, the jerk chicken here is heavy on the all spice which adds to the smoky flavor that I crave when it comes to jerk chicken. 

$11.30 for a large after taxes

2 – Gems House of Jerk

With two locations in Brampton, I would have to say that the airport location trumps the Gillingham location by just a little bit. However, they are both delicious. Now, I know that SOME Jamaicans tell me that jerk chicken is not supposed to be “saucy” and should have more of a dry rub. Well, guess what? This cat likes it saucy and this spot has some of the absolute best jerk chicken I have ever had. This chicken is extra moist, and the skin tastes like something from another planet. Absolutely amazing. The lady working the counter is an absolute sweetheart as well. Check out the Sunday Morning buffet menu if you really want to know what is good in Btown. 

$11.87 for a large after taxes

1 – Bakers Jerk House

I have been to Jamaica more than 20 times, I have relatives that live there and I know my way around Kingston better than most white boys in town. Having said that, I would put the jerk chicken here up against any of the best jerk chicken spots not only in the GTA, but in Jamaica. The jerk chicken I had here is a game changer. The staff here are amazing, the nice fellow behind the counter provided me with a side of some of the house-made hot sauce (which needs to be bottled by President’s Choice or some other conglomerate ASAP). The jerk chicken here has a lot of complex flavors happening from smokiness, pimento, all-spice, a touch of sweetness and a little bit of heat. This is the best jerk chicken in Brampton and all the GTA in my opinion. Go here now!

$11.30 for a large after taxes

What’s your favourite jerk chicken joint in Brampton?

  1. Baker’s Jerk House
  2. Gem’s House of Jerk
  3. Mo Bay Jerk
  4. Portland Jerk
  5. Rose’s Caribbean Kitchen
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