Top 5 Italian Sandwich Shops in Mississauga


When you are hungry, there might not be anything more satisfying than a great Italian sandwich. They're generously sized and typically filled with flavourful meats, veggies and cheeses. Fortunately for you, there are tons of great options for a hearty sandwich right here in Mississauga.

Here are the top 5 Italian Sandwiches in Mississauga:

5 - Molisana Bakery

Located in a small plaza on Creditview just north of Bristol is a quaint little place called Molisona Bakery. This place actually looks more Italian-style than all the other places and is a cozy resto where you can grab a coffee, bread, cold cuts from the deli or food from the hot table. Today, I grabbed a veal sandwich. This place has a hot table for lunch and dinner that serves homemade food cooked daily. So next time you are around this area and want a change of scenery, try out this old-school Italian bakery and have an Italian sandwich. They have veal, chicken, grilled vegetable, meatball and sausage sandwiches to choose from.

Taste:  15/20
Size: 11/15
Service: 8/10
Veal sandwich price index: $6.79

4 - California Sandwiches

California Sandwiches is a classic sandwich shop that has been family-owned since 1967. It boasts 12 locations and there are three in Mississauga. These guys have a pretty cool story, actually.  The idea for the brand originated in a grocery store in Little Italy in Toronto in the 60s. As the popularity of the veal sandwich grew among the lunch crowd, they decided to open the first standalone California Sandwiches. Even with 12 locations, they are all still family-owned and operated and there's a butcher in each store. I love how these guys have a junior size sandwich for all you wimps that can't finish the regular size J

Taste: 16 /20
Size:  14/15
Service:  7/10
Veal sandwich price index: $8.19

3 - San Francesco

San Francesco's is another place that has been around for a while -- since 1954, to be exact. Every San Francesco's has its own personality, as they are totally independent. We checked out the one located in a lonely little plaza on Unity Drive near Lifetime Fitness. Even though it's lonely, they serve up some of the best Italian Sandwiches this side of Mississauga. As soon as you order your veal sandwich, you see it go into the fryer. The sandwich is hot and has a nice taste to it. They serve everything, including veal, steak, chicken, eggplant and veggie.

Taste: 17/20
Size: 12/15
Service: 9/10
Veal sandwich price index: $6.50

2 - On a Bun

Located in the same lot as the legendary music studio Metalworks on Mavis and Burnhamthorpe is On A Bun.  You may get lucky and get a glimpse of Drizzy or Biebs while plowing down a sandwich.  The chalkboard menu lists a wide variety of Italian sandwiches, including chicken, steak and onions, veal, meatball, sausage and onions, veggie and eggplant Parmesan. I'd heard so much about this authentic family-run Italian sandwich joint that I had to make a pit stop for a quick bite. I was lucky to have been greeted by the owner himself, Rocco, and I ordered the most popular sandwich - the veal sandwich.

Taste: 19/20
Size: 13 /15
Service: 9/10
Veal sandwich price index: $8.19

1 - Saucy Kytchen

Located just east of Port Credit on Lakeshore in an even lonelier plaza is Saucy Kychen. I say lonely because if you do not have Google Maps to tell you exactly where to turn you will miss it. This place actually has no outdoor signage, but they do have some good Italian-style sandwiches. These sandwiches were gigantic (as you can see by the pictures), but that was not the best part. The flavour and taste of the veal was so delicious and prevalent you just wanted more.  This place has seating for about 10 people but does get busy for lunch. They serve veal, chicken, pork, steak, meatballs, Italian sausage, eggplant and veggie sandwiches.  

Taste: 19/20
Size: 15/15
Service:  9/10
Veal sandwich price index: $7.49


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