Top 5 Irish Pubs in Mississauga


Published March 11, 2015 at 9:35 pm


There are a lot of great Irish Pubs in Mississauga and a great Irish pub has more to offer than the perfect pint of Guinness — but if they don’t do pour it right, you might as well be at a regular bar.

These Irish pubs have character, atmosphere and great food. And you can guarantee that these places will have the best and biggest St Patrick’s Day.

Here are the top 5 Irish Pubs in Mississauga:

5 – Coopers

Last on the list is the classic wood-finished Irish Pub, Coopers. The pub offers a cozy environment to watch the game with your friends and a projection screen, so you can really enjoy the athletic action. It boasts good prices and food along with interesting selections of brews on tap, including Strongbow, Rickards (Red & White) and Hoegaarden. Coopers Pub is comfortable and located right near Burnhamthorpe and Wolfdale. Don’t forget that during Leaf games, you can order a pitcher of domestic with a pound of wings for just under $20!

Best Irish Fare: Steak & Kidney Pie

4 – Cuchulainn’s

In the heart of Streetsville is Cuchulainn’s. Everyone says the name differently, but one thing they can all agree on is this place is a great, authentic Irish Pub. At Cuchulainn’s, you can expect to find fine scotch and good food, including breakfast for those early mornings or really, really late nights. Located in a historically designated building from 1832, it’s rich in history. In the summer, it’s the patio to be seen at in Streetsville. Every Tuesday, take in the talented locals at one of the longest running open mics in the city. No matter what side of the patio you make your way to (it spans three walls of the venue), you’re able to enjoy the quaint ambiance of Queen Street. Being so historical, Cuchulainn’s conveys the essence of Streetsville.

Best Irish Fare: Guinness Stew

3 – The Brogue Inn

As you walk into the Brogue, you realize it’s bigger than it looks from the outside. This Irish pub has been a mainstay in Port Credit for 15 years and by look of how busy it gets, it’s here to stay. As you look around the Brogue, you can’t help but notice how diverse the crowd is. It’s popular among people of all ages. They even have a “snug” room which historically is typically a small area with direct access to the bar that most bars rarely have anymore. We had the wings on wing night and they were massive, as well as the flavourful Irish classic Guinness steak and mushroom pie.

Best Irish Fare: Guinness Steak and Mushroom Pie

2 – Failte

Failte is one of the most well-known Irish pubs in Mississauga. It comprises 6,000+ sq. ft. and includes authentic handcrafted furniture and antique pieces to create six different areas within the pub to give every nook a unique feel. Located in the heart of City Centre, it has a lively atmosphere, live music, a wide selection of beers and an incredible line up of events. This place is known for its huge crowds and is the busiest Irish pub on the weekends. Failte also has Mississauga’s largest heated patio for when it warms up!

Best Irish Fare: The Fish and Chips

1 – Belfast Lounge

If you want a real Irish Pub in Mississauga, Belfast Lounge is the place for you. The owner is from Belfast, so there is no faking around here. This place has been around for 16 years and is directly beside Yuk Yuk’s on Dixie. As you walk in, you can’t help feel that this is what a pub would feel like in Ireland. It boasts beautiful wood finishing throughout a surprisingly large space. Our only complaint is that they need some new signage, as the outdoor aesthetic does not reflect what’s inside.  I would say that Belfast is a higher-end Irish pub than most, with an area in the back where you can enjoy nicer leather chairs and sophisticated booths. The food here is the best we’ve had in any Irish pub in Mississauga. We ordered the most Irish thing on the menu — the “Traditional Irish Stew.” The stew was cooked to perfection and the meat was as tender as it gets. We also had the calamari, which was very flavourful and came with a chipotle mayo that was made in-house. Oh, and the Guinness was poured to perfection!

Best Irish Fare: Traditional Irish Stew

Here’s what you had to say in our inPOLL:
What is your favourite Irish Pub in Mississauga?
Here are the results so far: 

Failte – 29%
Cuchulainn’s – 19%
Coopers – 18%
The Brogue Inn – 13% 
Belfast Lounge – 12% 
Blarney’s Gate – 3% 
Mulligans – 2%


  1. The Green Goose
  2. Failte Irish Pub
  3. The Brogue Inn Irish Pub
  4. Cuchulainns Irish Pub
  5. Coopers Pub
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