Top 5 Indie Restaurants in City Centre


Published June 16, 2015 at 5:05 am


If you take out the big box restaurants and the multinational fast food chains at City Centre in Mississauga, you aren’t left with much — but the stuff you are left with is really good. But if you’re willing to look a little harder, you might find some cool indie gems hiding between the chain restaurants. 

Here are the top 5 you should at the City Centre in Mississauga:

5 – Seoul House


Seoul House is located behind the Sussex Centre and has been around for about 15 years. Seoul House serves Korean and Japanese dishes and half the restaurant has Korean BBQ tables. This place is AYCE and has eight meats to choose from. They have all the usual meats, including sliced beef and pork belly. The only drawback is that the grill is electric and they ask you to put parchment paper down for some of the meats rather than change the grill for you. Either way, the meat was marinated perfectly and the meal was delicious.

4) &Company Resto Bar


Tucked away in the heart of the City Centre core is Mississauga’s best rooftop patio, which has a striking view on a clear, warm night. &Co. overlooks the downtown core and sits in view of the aesthetically stunning Marilyn Monroe condos. Hump day at 4 pm is when the action starts and also happens to be the best day of the week to start checking out of work early to get a head start on after-work drinks. Known more for its nightlife, &Co has upped their game recently with their seasonally inspired menu by Executive Chef Ron Stratton. &Co. takes the top score for uniqueness. At night, &Co. transitions into an exciting club life experience with special event nights that boast the most outrageous live performances you will find in the city.

3 – Grano Ristorante


Grano is definitely one of our city’s hidden gems that is family owned and operated Italian restaurant. It’s tucked away in Enfield Place at the City Centre. This is one of those restaurants that are perfect for a romantic dinner or a girls’ night out. It is a small space, so I suggest making a reservation. The food is always on point and they also offer their health conscience customers the choice of substituting any of their pasta dishes with a whole wheat pasta. 

2 – Alioli Ristorante


Located in the heart of Mississauga’s City Centre is Alioli’s Italian Restaurant, one of the few restaurants in City Centre that is independently owned. Alioli’s has been around since 1996 and was founded right after Biritz Night Club closed down. I can’t believe I remember that. This place is great for corporate business lunches and date nights with that special person. The service is impeccable and the food is absolutely delicious. In the summer, they have this gorgeous huge patio that doubles the size of the restaurant. With the price point leaning on the higher scale, I’d save this restaurant for that special person or that big deal meeting. 

1 – Udupi Madras Café 


You’d be forgiven if you said you’d never heard of this tucked-away gem on Enfield Place, right behind the Sussex Centre. It’s not visible from the street, but its central location and unique menu brimming with Southern Indian vegetarian cuisine puts this pleasant finding high on our list of must-visit Indian restos. The café, intimate and decorated in dark, rich hues, offers diners the chance to sample medu vada (a sort of savory doughnut), various dosas and South Indian Thali, a mini five-course meal served with a pickle, pappad, yogurt, buttermilk, sambar, rasam, poriyal, dal or kootu, gravy, rice of the day, white rice, chapati or poori and the dessert of the day. The Thali is served on a round platter with rice in the center and, despite sounding overwhelming, isn’t too much for one person to finish. Diners looking for an even more authentic experience can enjoy a masala chai (tea) after their meal. The fair price point, attentive service and highly customizable menu (you can specify spice, oil and texture level for dosas) makes this inconspicuous vegetarian resto more than worth the search. 

  1. Udupi Madras Cafe
  2. Alioli Ristorante
  3. Grano Ristorante
  4. &Company Resto Bar
  5. Seoul House
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