Top 5 Indie Jewellery Stores in Mississauga


Published October 8, 2016 at 3:02 am


When people think of jewellery stores, they think of glossy marble floors and rows of glass cases filled with traditional diamond engagement rings and sophisticated (or dated, depending on your tastes) pearl necklaces.

While that image exists for a reason, that’s just one kind of jewellery store.

Fortunately for everyone into accessories, Mississauga boasts of ton of crafty, independent stores that sell creative, one-of-a-kind pieces that are perfect for anyone looking for a unique piece to wear or give as a gift.

We know temperatures have been high, but the holiday season is fast approaching and you might need a piece to complete your Christmas party outfit sooner rather than later. You also might be in the market for something cool for your partner, friend or family member.

Here are the top five independent jewellery stores in Mississauga.

 5) Ringz‘N’Thingz 

If you want to buy some creatively constructed pieces that aren’t too costly, Streetsville’s Ringz’N’Thingz is a good place to start because it’s ideal for anyone on a budget. Located on Main Street, the store — run by mother/daughter team Cheryl and Victoria Paget — offers pieces and accessories for men, women and children. If you’re in the market for statement pieces and costume jewellery, this place is a great option. You can get some very affordable sterling silver accessories here, as well as gifts and trinkets for kids (so it’s especially good if you’re already browsing for stocking stuffers).


4) Lorne Park Jewellers

Although this store is a little more traditional in terms of content and style, it’s a long-standing icon that offers a lot in the way of service and personality. Operated by master jeweler Vanig Jelilian, the store has occupied the Lorne Park area for over 30 years and offers traditional pieces, custom-designed jewellery and repair services. If you’re in the market for a stunning engagement ring, this place is perfect. It’s also great if you need an expensive or important piece repaired. Although you can expect to pay more for jewellery (they are working with precious gemstones and metals, after all), you’ll get a lot of options in return.


3) Silver Lining 

Also located in Streetsville, Silver Lining is a relatively new addition to the village’s retail landscape (it opened in 2014) and it offers shoppers hand-crafted sterling silver jewellery and fashion-forward accessories. The store also has the good fortune of occupying the “Montreal House” former trading post (the oldest store in Mississauga, to be exact), so it fuses modern goods with some very old-school charm. If you’re looking for costume jewellery that will stand the test of time (metals always beat plastic), this place is good to check out.

2) Olive’s

If you’ve always wanted to buy accessories from a French-style boutique close to home, this place is for you. Located on Lakeshore, Olive’s offers French scarves, jewellery, handbags, shoes, silk textiles and more. In terms of jewellery, they offer all the requisite staples — rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. As far as jewellery goes, the boutique offers a lot in the way of fun and outfit-defining statement pieces that are both stylish and bold. So, if you want a big and memorable piece to pair with a subdued outfit, this place is more than worth a look.

 1) A Shop for All Reasons

Also located in Streetsville, this iconic store offers everything — and I do mean everything. If you ever wanted to buy funky one-of-a-kind earrings and scorching hot sauce all in one place, you can do that here. As far as jewellery goes, this place offers a ton of modern, intricately designed pieces that are distinctly contemporary and fashion-forward. The store carries pieces by such acclaimed jewellery designers as Danielle O’Connor, Jon Klar, Karyn Chopik and more. All of the jewellery is handmade by Canadian designers, so not only are you getting one-of-a-kind pieces, you’re supporting the national economy and homegrown artists as well. The mixed-material pieces here will complement any outfit, so take a look the next time you’re in Streetsville.





  1. Shop for all Reasons
  2. Olive’s Boutique
  3. Silver Lining
  4. Lorne Park Jewellers
  5. Ringz’N’Thingz
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