Top 5 Indian Takeout in Brampton

Published October 30, 2016 at 7:35 pm

Although there are few things more satisfying than hearty dine-in Indian meals, sometimes you just want to grab some rich saag paneer on the go. Fortunately for you, Brampton is full of delicious takeout restos that cater to all your meat loving and vegetarian needs — and do it with a huge smile.

Whether you want to order at the counter and eat in the restaurant before heading back to work or grab some lamb vindaloo to go after a long day at the office, these places have you covered.

Here are the top 5 Indian takeout restaurants in Brampton.

5) Sweet Palace

This casual but inviting takeout joint is located in a sprawling plaza on Peter Robertson Blvd. and it serves up an enticing array of traditional Indian dishes that are delectably filling. The resto is ideal for takeout and only offers counter service, but you can sit and eat if you feel so inclined. If you want to fill up on a budget, you should try the creamy palak paneer. Served on top of thick basmati rice, this dish is perfect for a quick lunch or casual dinner. As far as service goes, it’s friendly and prompt — what more can you ask for?

 4) Rajdhani Sweets

Rajdhani Sweets, located on Bovaird, offers dine-in and takeout options and absolutely kills it in the snack department. One standout menu item here is the breaded pakora (which is almost a meal in itself). In terms of standard fare, this place offers satisfying samosas, fluffy basmati rice and melt-in-your-mouth aloo gobhi (cauliflower and potatoes served in a rich curry). The service here is friendly, but some dishes come out slow (such as the aforementioned breaded pakora). Be patient if you want a snack that needs a little extra TLC during the lunch rush.

3) Dhaba Express

If you want a lot of selection at a good price, this place should be your go-to for Indian takeout. Offering two takeout-only locations and one dine-in/takeout resto (on Bovaird), this place is ideal for a casual meal with friends or an easy dinner in front of the TV after work. The service is friendly and prompt (although you might have to wait longer for some dishes) and the selection is excitingly varied. If you’re feeling really peckish, the lamb vindaloo is perfect with a mound of soft and steamy basmati rice. You can also get four small samosas for $1. In fact, with more dishes—hearty as they are—coming in at under $10, it’s amazing that they’re as satisfying as they are. Good work, Dhaba Express!

2) Prem Sweets

If you’re in the mood for vegetarian takeout, this place has you got you covered. Located in a generously sized plaza in a residential area on Gillingham Drive, this place boasts gracious and enthusiastic service and a satisfying array of entrée options. In terms of dishes, this place isn’t afraid to serve off-the-beaten path fare like crispy paneer sandwiches (delicious, by the way). It’s also good with the staples, offering perfectly cooked basmati rice, rich vegetarian curries (such as a hearty channa masala) and delicious samosa plates. While the atmosphere is a little more basic, the service is top-notch — friendly and memorable and perfect for anyone in need of recommendations.

1) India’s Taste

If you’re looking for a fancier takeout joint, this place, located at Mavis and Ray Lawson Blvd., is perfect. Although it offers a full takeout counter, you can relax and eat in the resto’s spacious and tastefully decorated dining room. When it comes to food and atmosphere, this place is hard to beat — especially when you try the steaming naan, satisfying basmati rice and the perfectly spiced hariyali chicken tikka (otherwise known as “green chicken”). If you’re stopping here for a quick bite after work, prepare to wait for 10-20 minutes for certain dishes. The food is worth it, so don’t be too disappointed to find out you might not be in and out in five minutes.

What is your favourite Indian Takeout joint in Brampton?

  1. India’s Taste
  2. Prem Sweets
  3. Brampton Punjabi Food – Dhaba Express
  4. Rajdhani Sweets
  5. Sweet Palace Restaurant
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