Top 5 Indian Restaurants in Brampton

Published November 4, 2017 at 12:06 am

If there’s one thing that rings true in Brampton, it’s that fact that there’s an Indian restaurant at every corner you turn in Brampton. That being said, Indian cuisine wears many hats in Brampton. It can be a quick three samosas for a dollar with your chai. It can also be a date night outing at a romantic, fine dining resto by a celebrity chef. Or, it can be a family-friendly buffet. 

Determining which Indian restos are the best in Brampton (what are there, a hundred??) is a difficult task, but we’re going to recommend the top five restos that sit at the middle and high ends of the Indian food spectrum.

Here are the top five Indian restaurants in Brampton:

5) Brar’s Grand

Brar’s is located in an industrial area on Advance, serving up generous portions of Indian food both a la carte and buffet-style. Boasting modern decor in a well-lit, large space, this casual and comfortable restaurant boasts some good, vegetarian Indian food. It gets quite packed with families here, especially on weekends, and they’ve got almost every kind of Indian food you can think of! From street snacks like classic samosas, bhel puri, and pakoras, to meals like channa bhatura and biryani, and curries and subjis like aloo gobhi and shahi paneer. Let’s not forget about the wide variety of delicious sweets here, from ras malai to gulab jamun. Their buffet is easy to navigate and the staff is quite helpful, and the wide variety of options makes it easy for everyone to find something they like. Brar’s sits at a reasonable price of about $25 for their buffet on a Saturday or a Sunday night. On weekdays that drops to $15 for lunch. If you’re looking for some classic Indian dishes, often on the spicy side, head to Brar, and be sure to try their samosas and their ras malai – hands down some of the best in Brampton! Be sure to get there an hour or two before the buffet closes if that’s what you’re going for or else you might not get a seat.

4) Kwality Sweets & Restaurant

Kwality is one of Brampton’s busiest Indian restaurants at all times and on all days of the week – and for good reason! Kwality at Steeles and Torbram has some truly scumptious Indian food. You can get a solid meal here for well under $30 – it’s on the middle end of the Indian dining spectrum, still quite casual. Two major pointers when you go to Kwality: first, make sure you try their samosas. It’s a little steep compared to other restos with samosas in Brampton, at $2.25 for three, but they boast the right amount of spice and flavour. Samosa game strong! Then, there’s the garlic naan. This might be the best naan in all of Brampton – perfectly fluffy and doughy, and doused in butter and garlic to make the perfect compliment to your curry. As for curries, their butter chicken is the bomb, sweet, spicy, and creamy all at once. You might be overwhelmed with the decor and the amount of people when you walk in, but Kwality definitely has its own charm – and good quality food (see what I did there?). Don’t forget to pick up some sweets before you go, and wash your meal down with some piping hot and aromatic masala chai.

3) Mayura

Classy, classy, classy – you’ll want to dress up a little bit if you’re heading over to Mayura on Hurontario and Ray Lawson, or you might not fit in! Acclaimed chef Ranveer Brar’s fine dining restaurant is ideal for a date night or a family get together, offering ambiance and a menu that includes both traditional Indian and fusion fare. The resto often also adapts the menu to feature specially created recipes to celebrate traditional Indian festivals. Their service is attentive and kind enough, and they have a variety of seating areas, from booths, to tables, to a few luxurious chairs mid-restaurant. Let’s talk food! Their salmon tikka was extremely flavourful, as was their chutney. I also tried the Dum Murgh, a chicken curry flavoured with yogurt, cashews, and saffron, which was delicious. Their biryani is definitely a menu highlight, as well as their desserts – gulab jamun cheesecake, and Kalakand tart with paan ice cream. That’s right, paan ice cream! Basically it tastes like leaves and roses which might sound weird but it’s good. Mayura is a fine dining restaurant, meaning that though the food is good, it’s going to do some damage to your wallet – two can dine comfortably (apps, entrees, dessert, maybe even drinks) for well upwards of $60 plus tax. With some Bollywood instrumentals in the background while you eat, it’s a solid resto!

2) Firangi

This Queen and Airport resto opened last year (which they proudly display on their storefront as “Est. 2016”) operated by Sanjeev Sethi, the owner and executive chef of The Host brand. While The Host is known for giving traditional Indian fare the fine dining treatment, Firangi serves something a little different (while still sticking to its upscale vibe)–dishes inspired by Indian street food. The cozy resto has a casual yet classy atmosphere, with unique furnishings and earthy tones like reds, greens, and browns throughout. Their dishes are served in metal bowls and plates (as if they were cooked in them – very street food-like), though their dinner plates are a simple and classy black. One interesting touch is the choice of music – whereas you might expect Indian tunes, you actually hear soft rock in English, which I didn’t expect and I’m still not sure how I feel about it, but to each their own! The service is attentive and quick, and the entire menu is indulgent, unique, and delicious. The Butter Chicken Fries can’t be beat and I’ll rave about them forever – aromatic, with tender chicken, creamy sauce with a kick of spice, and crispy fries. Also be sure to try their Chicken 65, classic saag paneer, and the chef’s choice Ambala Wala Chicken Curry. At reasonable prices, you can get a tasty meal here for about $25 per person.

1) The Khana Sutra

If you thought the name of this place was quirky, wait until you step inside! The Khana Sutra is a spacious Queen Street East restaurant that boasts an expansive, delicious menu, with both traditional items and traditional items with a Western spin, playful decor and relaxing live music that augments a pleasant meal, and it can be reminiscent of an Indian banquet hall party, which gives it all a fun vibe. The service is friendly and attentive and the food is a cut above typical Indian fare. If you’re looking to share a meal, try the lime prawn pakoras and the Bharwaan Tandoori mushroom caps. If you want to be wow’d, order the Shehnai Ghosht entree (lamb roasted with cardamom and a herb-flavoured sauce) with some moist garlic naan. You won’t be disappointed—especially if you top the meal off with some tasty Canadian wine. This resto is considered fine dining, but it’s still affordable (you can likely eat for two at $40-$50). The best part? Live music! The Khana Sutra amps up its ambiance with live music Thursdays through Sundays from 7:30 p.m. onwards. Plus, they often host special menu items for traditional Indian festivals like Navratri, and sometimes have special pricing for North American events like Thanksgiving! Over all, this top notch resto boasts classic Indian fare with a quirky twist.

What’s your favourite Indian restaurant in Brampton?


  1. The Khana Sutra (CLOSED)
  2. Firangi
  3. Mayura (CLOSED)
  4. Kwality Sweets & Restaurants
  5. Brar’s Sweets & Restaurant
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