Top 5 Iconic Landmarks in Mississauga


If you ask someone outside of Mississauga what they know about our great city, they'll probably name the following locations. These landmarks represent some of the most scenic, populous and memorable areas of Mississauga, so people from beyond our borders are most likely to have heard of -- or even visited -- them.

In fact, you take a look at Instagram, Pinterest or Google and type in Mississauga; you will see these landmarks on there the most.

Here are the top five iconic landmarks in Mississauga:

5 - Credit River

The Credit River is probably one of the best and worst kept secrets in Mississauga. Those who know it well love it well. But then there are others -- people who have lived in Mississauga for most of their lives -- who admit to never venturing near its shores. A thorough spotlight of everything it adds to the city needs to be expressed in a much longer article. For now, I’ll keep it brief. This first post is going to lightly touch upon what comes to mind for most people when they see a body of water - fish. More specifically, what’s fascinating about the Credit River is the plethora of salmon and the salmon run that takes place every year from late August to late November and then again during the spring thaw.

4 - Port Credit Lighthouse

One of the most familiar sights in Port Credit is a lighthouse, and back in the day Port Credit had a lot of them. The first was constructed in 1863 and was built out in the harbour. A 1908 flood separated the lighthouse from the mainland and in 1918, the lighthouse closed. The old lighthouse burned in 1936. The present lighthouse you see today was constructed in 1991 and, while not a historic structure, is a reminder of Port Credit's marine heritage.

3 - Celebration Square & City Hall

Celebration Square must be one of the nicest city squares in all of North America. There is nothing in Toronto or beyond that comes close to it.  Boasting a huge stage, an Astroturf area, a splash pad in the summer and  an ice rink in the winter, the square has it all and it has it all-year round. In the summer, it attracts up to a million people to a slew of festivals and events. If you head to the square in the warmer months, you can check out Ribfest, open mics, cultural festival s and people just wanting to cool down in the splash pad. It has something for everyone, and that makes it one of the city's most well-loved and iconic spots.

2 - Square One

41 years ago, Square One opened its doors and was the biggest mall in Canada at the time. Fast forward to 2015: Square One is still one of the biggest malls in Canada (the third biggest, to be exact) and averages a whopping 24 million visitors a year. That is equivalent to the entire population of Mississauga visiting the mall 32 times. With another major expansion coming in 2016, those numbers are bound to go up and so will the popularity of this Mississauga landmark. 

1 - Marilyn Monroe

These two buildings are absolutely stunning. Their gorgeous architecture can be seen immediately when entering Mississauga, and we’re proud to have them. They have put Mississauga on the global map by attracting tourists and investors all around the world. Did I also mention the condos sold out within two weeks of being on the market? The two condo buildings were dubbed “The Marilyn Monroe Buildings” because of their voluptuous and feminine design. These unique buildings brought a lot of hype to Mississauga and they add a great uniqueness to the downtown core. During an architectural design competition in 2007, Yansong Ma, the winner from Beijing, China, produced the design for the two 50 and 56 floor condominiums. The buildings have over 30,000 square feet of amenities space which includes indoor and outdoor pools, a two-storey gymnasium, a fitness centre, two squash courts, a billiards room and a light up roof. These building have won numerous international architecheral awards and have even been featured on CNN.

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