Top 5 Ice Cream in Brampton

Published April 20, 2017 at 2:12 am

With summer around the corner, I can’t wait to grab a scoop or five of delicious ice cream and cry over a breakup, eat my feelings, or you know, just take a walk around Gage Park in the heat. Ice cream clearly solves a lot of problems for me. You know what they say – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

All jokes aside, there are some gems of ice cream spots in Brampton. Let’s gear up for summer, because I’ve got the top five ice cream spots in Brampton scooped into a waffle cone with sprinkles for you right here.

5. Sweet Breeze Cafe

Tucked into a plaza beside the church on Mavis and Steeles, Sweet Breeze is truly a hidden gem that you wouldn’t expect to have ice cream. Usually, their ice cream is used for affogato, a scoop of vanilla ice cream drowned in espresso. Whether you prefer your sugar shock with caffeine or not, Sweet Breeze serves their creamy and dense vanilla ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce and frothy whipped cream. With a quaint, comfortable, and classy atmosphere, you can enjoy your ice cream served in a delicate cocktail glass at one of their many tables. It’s about $3.70 for their simple ice cream, best enjoyed at a table by the window with a friend and a view of the gorgeous church. Sweet Breeze is great for keeping it simple, since they only have the one flavour of ice cream. The cherry on top: their kind and prompt service.

4. Caffe Demetre

At Queen and Dixie, Caffe Demetre has an abundance of flavours and toppings alongside comfortable seating and great service when it’s not busy. Caffe Demetre is not only known for sending people into sugar shock, but for making their ice cream in-house. They have nine flavours including chocolat, white chocolate silk, and one of their most popular, roche. You can drown your ice cream in sauces like Nutella, fruits like sliced banana, and embellishments like Oreo cookie pieces, or order a one- or two-scoop sundae. I chose the one-scoop sundae Choc This Way, which came in a waffle cone stuffed cocoa ice cream, topped with brownies, and drowned in chocolate sauce. The servings are large, but the flavour is worth it. Prices range from $7 for one scoop to $12.50 for a banana split, and it costs extra for toppings – the priciest ice cream on this list. The cherry on top: they’re open late.

3. Kin-Kin Bakery and Bubble Tea

I can honestly say the best mango ice cream I’ve ever had was at Kin-Kin inside of Shoppers World. Yes, I, too, was shocked that there is good ice cream at Shoppers World. It was creamy, smooth, soft, and not too sweet, and their waffle cone was so scrumptious I could eat it on its own. They have 10 flavours including rum and raisin, cotton candy, chocolate, and cookies and cream, and their ice cream comes from a Sicilian cafe in Little Italy in Toronto. They have two small tables with a few chairs, but you could also take your ice cream for a walk on the trail or a lounge in the grass at Elgin Woods Park nearby. One scoop in a waffle cone was very affordable at $3.35. The cherry on top: flavour quality.

2. Ice Cream Cafe

Down the street from Gage Park at Queen and Main, this adorable ice cream shop serves 24 flavours of ice cream in cups, regular cones, or waffle cones, plus a variety of gelato. They have plain waffle cones and fancy waffle cones, though their toppings for the fancy waffle cones haven’t yet been decided. In the past, they’ve incorporated chocolate and marshmallows, which is pretty exciting. Whether you like raspberry cheesecake, salted caramel, or cookie dough, the Ice Cream Cafe will definitely have a flavour you enjoy, and great service to boot. Their ice cream is made in Ontario, at Central Smith Creamery in Peterborough, and costs $3.50 for one scoop, $4.95 for two scoops, and $5.95 for three scoops. I tried their Canadian maple walnut, which definitely had fresh maple and walnut chunks in it and was the right amount of sweet and salty. They don’t have indoor seating, but that’s all the more reason for you to grab a scoop and take a walk or a seat around downtown Brampton. The cherry on top: options, options, options!

1. Little Shop of Ice Cream

Also in downtown Brampton at Garden Square, this tiny shop has 12 flavours of ice cream and is also a cafe that serves salads and sandwiches, their most prized being their grilled cheese, made in-house. Their flavours like bear claw, truffle trio, and moose tracks come from Kawartha Dairy and Central Smith Creamery, and their scoop sizes range from “snack time,” at $2.25 to “just right,” at $3.50 to “somewhat big,” at $4.50 and finally “out of control,” at $6. They also have regular cones, sugar cones, and waffle cones to choose from, and you have the option of making your ice cream into a shake or a float. Their most unique flavour is their most popular: watermelon. It’s a sorbet that has chocolate sprinkles to look like watermelon seeds, and it was fruity, light, and sweet. My favourite part about the Little Shop of Ice Cream is actually its history – the building has been in downtown Brampton since 1880, when it housed a blacksmith. More recently, they were a deli, and a decade ago, they transformed into an ice cream shop and cafe. Their staff is friendly, they have a small seating area that looks out at Garden Square, and they have both interesting and classic flavours of ice cream. The cherry on top: portion size options.


  1. Sweet Breeze Cafe (CLOSED)
  2. Caffe Demetre
  3. Kin Kin Bakery & Bubble Tea
  4. Ice Cream Cafe
  5. Little Shop of Ice Cream
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