Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Mississauga: June 24-30


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Mississauga for the week of June 24-30, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on 

5) Zet's Express

Just north of the OG Zet's is Zet's Express Premium Burgers on Derry Road. It's a really cozy joint that seats about 20. This place sells everything, including burgers, fish and chips, pulled pork, peameal bacon on a Kaiser, souvlaki and onion rings. This place is known for their burgers for north sauga, Malton and the airport crew. The burgers are flavourful and huge, as each sandwich has 5 oz. of meat on it and they grill them as soon as they're ordered -- nothing is left sitting under a light. You can even add peameal bacon to your already generous beef patty. Yes please! What you need to try? The Classic Burger with peameal bacon


4) Bombay Chopsticks

Bombay Chopsticks, located in a plaza at Bristol and HWY 10, is tops on our list of Hakka restaurants in Mississauga. This place is rare, as it’s a perfect combo of service, atmosphere, food quality and price. Very rarely do you get all four elements. Once you walk in, you can clearly see the atmosphere is on a higher level for this type of cuisine. You will be greeted by the owner with a smile. The prices are comparable to the other ones on this list, but the others don’t have the decor that Bombay Chopsticks has. It also has great lunch deals. Once you get your food, you realize how flavourful this cuisine actually is. The Manchurian Chicken dry dish is one of the best chicken dishes around and was the best on this list as well. A must try!


3) Blue Lagoon Seafood Master

Located at the Chinese Centre on Dundas Street is Blue Lagoon Seafood Master (you gotta love that name!), a higher-end Chinese food and dim sum restaurant. As you walk in, you are greeted by a wall full of sea creatures that are at your disposal to eat fresh. You will see everything from huge Alaskan king crabs,  lobsters and eel to fresh fish swimming in blue tanks. This place is absolutely massive and can easily seat 250 people. There are four huge projection screens that teach diners how to properly cook Chinese food. We tried the set dinner for two, which came with braised blue lagoon soup, eel that was freshly skinned for us minutes before, deep-fried lobster Hong Kong-style, oysters, lobster soup, fish soup and dessert for $98. Although this dinner was made for two, it could have easily fed three. This place is a bit on the pricey side, but the food is very high quality and flavourful. The dim sum is costly as well, but the menu items are a little higher-end. As you can tell by the name, this place does specialize in seafood but does have some traditional non-seafood dishes like Peking duck and sweet and sour pork.


2) Papa Giuseppe's

You can't really miss this quaint little restaurant that's located in the heart of Port Credit. If you are one of the lucky people who actually get a seat, you are in for a treat. This place has a rustic Italian-inspired dining room and is a great spot to enjoy your pizza, which is cooked in a stone oven. Papa Giuseppe's also serves house-made gnocchi and I can never say no to that. They also serve a selection of antipasti, including insalata caprese, and a wide selection of pastas including Nona's Pasta Campania or carbonara (marche). If you are lucky enough, try to get a seat directly in front of the kitchen so you can eat and watch the chef and cooking staff do their thing. In the summer months, they have a really nice patio they open up at the back of the restaurant. If you are on a date and you get into this place you look like a Don Juan!

1) Border MX

This authentic Mexican place has garnered a lot of attention since it opened because Mississauga doesn't have many Mexican joints like it. The chef is from Mexico, so she knows her stuff and makes truly authentic dishes in her Mexican kitchen.  The menu offers traditional Mexican dishes, including fajitas, tamales, flautas and pork carnitas. Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for Chef Rico's regional Mexican specials such as Tongue Tacos (self-explanatory) and Pozole (a soup made of pork or chicken broth with hominy and other garnishes).  The Cooksville resto benefits from prime spot on Hurontario, friendly service and a reliably delicious menu.

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