Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Mississauga: Feb. 16-22


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Mississauga for the week of Feb. 16-22, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5) Border MX

This authentic Mexican place has garnered a lot of attention since it opened because Mississauga doesn’t have many Mexican joints like it. The chef is from Mexico, so she knows her stuff and makes truly authentic dishes in her Mexican kitchen. The menu offers traditional Mexican dishes, including fajitas, tamales, flautas and pork carnitas. Friday and Saturday nights are reserved for Chef Rico’s regional Mexican specials such as Tongue Tacos (self-explanatory) and Pozole (a soup made of pork or chicken broth with hominy and other garnishes). The somewhat newly-opened Streetsville resto benefits from prime spot in one of the city’s best neighbourhoods, friendly service and a reliably delicious menu.

4) Rick’s Good Eats

This exceedingly creative gem sits on the Mississauga and Brampton border and offers an incredible array of North American and Indian fusion dishes. It’s truly one of a kind, and offers such creative concoctions as jerk chicken samosas, apple pie samosas, butter chicken mac n’ cheese, butter chicken loaded fries and, most importantly, the Punjabi cheeseburger with tandoori bacon. Founded by Rick Matharu, a Recipe to Riches winner who took the top spot for his butter chicken lasagna, the restaurant does something decidedly unique and pays homage to two distinct food cultures. This is not a burger you want to miss.

3) Jing Thai

Jing Thai is a family-owned business and has been a Streetsville gem since 2004. The word jing in Thai means "true," making the literal translation of the resto name "True Thai." The restaurant is a quaint, white-linen tablecloth establishment without the fine dining prices. The street side portion of the restaurant is a small area lined with windows that gets filtered sunlight shining through in the afternoon. I ordered the red curry chicken. The dish comes in a red curry coconut sauce with carrots, broccoli and green beans. The flavour was good and the chicken serving generous. I also tried the pad Thai beef, which I couldn't stop eating. The flavour was balanced and not overly acidic and it was served with bean sprouts, tofu, green onions and topped with crushed peanuts. Jing Thai is a romantic little spot that serves good Thai food.

2) Raw Aura

Raw Aura, Port Credit's Lakeshore-located raw, organic resto, is a treat for anyone looking for creative dishes, inventive and delicious smoothies and an honest-to-god Kensington Market, cool hipster vibe. The tiny establishment is super casual and boasts a crunchy, indie chalkboard menu. This place tends to get crowded and the dishes are a little on the pricey side (two can eat for a little over $80 with drinks and tip), but the experience is part of the package. In terms of food, you have to try the red beet ravioli. The presentation is top notch, and it boasts beets, cashew ricotta cheese, red pepper marinara sauce and dehydrated kale chips. As for mains, the yellow coconut curry noodles is always satisfying. If you want a huge treat, try the Cinnamon Toast Crunch smoothie.

1) Laari Adda

Laari Adda, an Indian and Pakistani street food restaurant that always hopping every night of the week due to its fun menu and affordable dishes. It also offers a bright and colourful interior that draws upon the vibrant decor frequently encountered in India and Pakistan. They switch up the menu every few months depending out what sells well and a new item they have added that is selling well are the fish tacos. They come in mild, medium and hot and if you are daring, get the HOT! With the fish popping out of the soft taco shell you won’t be complaining about the size--and the amount of flavour will make you want a second order.

Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Mississauga: Feb. 16-22

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