Top 5 Hotel Restaurants in Mississauga

Published October 11, 2016 at 9:03 pm


Hotel restaurants are often strong fine dining establishments, simply by virtue of having to provide a convenient, competitive service to a large body of visiting guests.  It is common for hotels to employ experienced chefs to ensure the restaurant matches the quality of the hotel itself.  A few of Mississauga’s hotel restaurant’s stand out as being particularly strong even when compared to the unique and palatable dining experiences found across the city.  For something a little different or for a special occasion, you may want to try a hotel restaurant yourself.  

Without further hesitation, the top five hotel restaurants in Mississauga are:  

5. The Mahogany Room at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel

If you Google the address for the  Sheraton Gateway Hotel, you will see a Toronto address; however, located in bustle of Terminal 3 of the Toronto Pearson International Airport, the Sheraton Gateway Hotel definitely lies within the boundaries of Mississauga. The Mahogany Room is an upscale dining facility.  If you’ve been to Terminal 3, you’ve probably passed it unknowingly. Tucked into the airport, this restaurant is accessed most easily for non-travelers through the terminal’s large parking garage. While petite, the restaurant is elegantly dressed and has a full menu with many strong options. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.  The mushroom ravioli was cooked in a basil pesto, with pecans and fresh mozzarella.  The server was helpful, quick and attentive.  Be warned, however, that this is a prime example of a hotel restaurant with a price – at almost $10 for just one hour of parking, and a main course averaging about $30, this restaurant has a high price for an elegant menu.     


4. TaZa Grill & Bar at the Four Points by Sheraton Mississauga Meadowvale

In north Meadowvale, in a busy business center, you will find TaZa Grill & Bar; the second Four Points restaurant on this list. Though more casual than its counterpart, this restaurant has a lot to offer. TaZa has entrances from within the hotel and the parking lot, making the restaurant easily accessible for its hotel guests and outsiders alike.  The decor is rather simple, boasting s small red brick subway tile pattern throughout the bar area. That said, the taste of the food more than makes up for the meagre interior. I ate a roasted tomato and goat cheese flatbread pizza and was very pleasantly surprised with its light, fresh taste.  The bar area was open late into the night, allowing me to grab a quick bite for dinner.  At affordable prices, especially by comparison to other nearby hotel restaurants, TaZa offers some delicious meals and certainly has the best value for your bite.  

3. The Glenerin Inn

If you are looking for a particularly stunning setting for your meal, the Glen Erin Inn has a classic charm that is unparalleled in Mississauga. The dining room is sectioned into many small rooms, offering a more secluded space for visitors. Each room has prominent art pieces, exposed stone walls and well-dressed tables. Each place setting is adorned with crystal glasses for drinking water. From certain spots, there is lovely view of the quad-styled exterior seating. The food is also noteworthy.  The restaurant has several made in-house options for their mains. I was particularly impressed with the triple chocolate cake, which was unbelievably rich: a delight for any chocoholic. For a unique, more classic setting, the Glen Erin Inn is strong choice.

2. Quest Restaurant and Bar at the Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale

The Hilton Hotel in Meadowvale is an excellent choice for high-end (yet casual) meals.  Located in an area that’s home to several business complexes, it is the ideal location for travelling guests, particularly those of the business variety.  A chic bar is the focal point of this establishment, with well maintained display cases that fit both their spread of premium liquor and several large televisions.  Emanating from the bar is a dining area; the two spaces are separated by open concept shelves that give the illusion of privacy in spite of its fast-paced backdrop.  The main meal was outstanding.  It was a three cheese macaroni, served un-tossed with bread crumbs to garnish.  The pasta curls were unusually thick and cooked just right.  The cheese blend was an impressive medley, only further enhanced by the bread crumbs which added a bit of crunch.  The pasta was homestyle with a more elegant twist; it was rich and not too greasy – a complete delight. To top it off, I cannot stress the strength of the service.  The hotel staff was beyond accommodating – from waiving the paid parking because of my technical difficulties with the meter to being attentive to my baby and bringing him a box of Cheerios – the hotel staff made sure that my visit was as close to perfection as possible.

1. Breakwater Inn at the Waterside Inn

As you approach the Breakwater, you know you are in the lap of luxury. Just across the street is arguably the most beautiful urban section of Port Credit, enjoyed daily by many local residents. This immaculate setting is just a preface to what the Breakwater has to offer. The dining room is opulent; imagine high ceilings, perfectly pressed linens, navy leather dining chairs and windows stretched across the room and adorned with classic draperies. It is a beautiful setting for the meal. I was intrigued by several items on the menu, eventually conceding to a grilled calamari appetizer and a lobster grilled cheese sandwich. These two items blended the tone of the restaurant. The calamari was a demonstration of the quality of this fine dining establishment, pleasing in both its presentation and taste. The lobster grilled cheese was a testament to the come as you are mentality- deceptively rich in spite of its warm welcome for casual customers, such as myself.  If you are looking for a high-dining meal, the Breakwater is a strong candidate, contending well against other high-end restaurants in the city.

  1. Breakwater Restaurant at The Waterside Inn
  2. Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale
  3. The Glenerin Inn
  4. Four Points by Sheraton Mississauga/Meadowvale
  5. Sheraton Gateway Hotel
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