Top 5 Hot Sauces in Mississauga


Published November 11, 2015 at 3:29 pm


Hot sauces come in all levels of heat and flavour and the best ones are made with a perfect blend of both. It’s not all about the heat when it comes to hot sauce, because if that were the case, you might as well just pour Tabasco in your mouth.

When asked what ingredients are used, chefs usually tell you some but not all, as every good toque keeps a few key elements secret to set his or her sauce apart.

In all the years of eating out for top 5’s, these are the best hot sauces we have come in contact with. Remember — don’t rub your eyes and, if you’re a guy, wash your hands before using the restroom!

5 – Jay’s Sandwiches of The World

One of the best sandwich shops in Mississauga has the best hot sauce as well. Jay’s Sandwiches of The World is located in a plaza on Bloor St. off of Cawthra Rd. in what was once a Portuguese take-out spot called Beek Street. The resto is unique for the chef’s interpretation of world flavours (hence the name Jay’s Sandwiches of The World), gleaning inspiration from Korea, India, Italy and Cuba. The ingredients include everything, such as kimchi, fig spread, jerk sauce, fried plantain, coco bun, tomato sauce and peameal bacon. All of Jay Aguiar’s sandwiches are made fresh-to-order on fresh bread (never on day-old bread, that’s for bread crumbs). Jay butchers and prepares all of the meat for the sandwiches with his home-made marinades and spices. He also makes his own sauces, including his signature hot sauce – a spicy and sweet blend that is paired with his jerk chicken sandwich. 

Heat: 7/10
Flavour: 7/10

4 – FML

This hot sauce was used on the TV show and it’s both flavorful and spicy. FML is by far the funniest restaurant name in Mississauga and is sure to make passersby do a double take. It’s not what you’re thinking – it stands for Fork My Life. It’s unique for fresh and made-to-order dishes using local ingredients and local suppliers. It also boasts smoked meats. Chef Padamsey smokes whole turkeys for 20 hours, pulled pork for nine hours and beef brisket for 16 hours on-site for his Panini sandwiches.  The menu includes a few breakfast dishes, Panini sandwiches, wraps, burgers, French fries, lamb sliders and salads.

Heat: 8/10
Flavour: 7/10

3 – Paramount

Paramount has one of the most flavourful hot sauces around. It’s not as hot as the ones on the rest of the list, but it makes up for that in flavour. From delicious sweets to shawarma to massive BBQ meat platters, this place is great for a family dinner out. All the meat is cooked in-house on a charcoal grill (and it moves fast, as this place is very busy) so it’s so moist it melts in your mouth. With four locations in Mississauga, these guys are everywhere and the hot sauce tastes the same in all!

Heat: 7/10
Flavour: 9/10

2 – Goodfellas

Ah, the Goodfellas hot sauce tastes so good. It’s a great combo of heat and flavour and is made in-house daily to pour on your pizza! Goodfellas in Streetsville is also Mississauga’s very first restaurant offering authentic Neapolitan wood oven pizza. The menu offers authentic Romano pizza and homemade pastas that are all freshly made in-house. The menu also includes appetizers, salads, fish and meat entrees and desserts. The mozzarealla di bufala and parmigiano-reggiano cheeses are some of the ingredients they use that are directly imported from Italy. Goodfellas also boasts an extensive Italian wine selection that was specifically chosen to pair beautifully with the dishes on the menu. 

Heat: 7/10
Flavour: 10/10

1 – 229 Bar

The hot sauce is so good that they had to change the container from a squeeze bottle to a glass because too many people were stealing it. This sauce is hot and it should be for tacos! 229 is a late night joint in Port Credit. Occupying a modest space, the resto offers diners a more rustic, casual vibe. The space is designed for drinking, with the bar proudly occupying almost an entire half of the dining room. It’s all about fun at 229 and we can appreciate that. It offers customers something that’s lacking in the city — authentic Central American cuisine. Their dishes are savory, memorable and filling and their vibe encourages guests to loosen up and pair their cocktail with a little light-your-mouth-on-fire house-made hot sauce. 

Heat: 10/10
Flavour: 9/10


  1. Nourish Moi
  2. Goodfellas Pizza
  3. Paramount Fine Foods
  4. FML Fork My LIfe
  5. Jay’s Sandwiches of the World (CLOSED)
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