Top 5 Hot Chocolate in Brampton

Published December 16, 2017 at 5:14 pm

Baby, it’s cold outside! 

There’s no better time of year for hot chocolate than now, and there are several cafes in Brampton that serve a good mug.

It’s no secret that hot chocolate is the coziest drink of all time. Whether you prefer your hot chocolate super chocolatey, less sweet, with two per cent milk or almond milk, or any other way, there’s a spot right here in Brampton for you to cozy up and enjoy.

We searched high and low for the most delicious hot chocolate in Brampton, steering clear of Carnation and anything not freshly made, to bring you this list in time for the holidays!

Here are the best spots for hot chocolate in Brampton:

5) Sweet Breeze

Big points on atmosphere here — this cozy polish cafe near Chinguacousy and Steeles on Polonia Ave. serves a hot chocolate that’s very creamy and not too heavy on the sweet or the chocolate side. If you’re looking for a spot to hide away with a good book and a hot chocolate, watching the snow fall outside of the window, Sweet Breeze is your ideal destination for hot chocolate. They serve their hot chocolate at a warm temperature with a thin layer of froth on top in a small white cappuccino mug, so it’s all very homely. It is a little on the pricey side at over $3 for a mug, but it’s good. Don’t forget to grab a slice of cake while you’re there.

4) Lisboa Bakery

Lisboa’s Brampton location (they have a larger one in Mississauga) is tucked into an industrial area on Clarence St. but it’s well worth the trek. You can get a good loaf of bread or a custard tart here, or…enjoy a hot chocolate! Lisboa’s hot chocolate is straight to the point — it’s served in a disposable cup, it’s got milk, it’s got chocolate, it’s got a nice layer of foam on top, and you can have it in the bakery’s small cafe seating area. Great on price and taste here — Lisboa’s hot chocolate rings in at $1.75 and it’s neither too sweet nor too indulgent, with just the right amount of chocolate in there. If you’re looking for a simple hot chocolate to-go, this is a great spot to get it!

3) T by Daniel

So, you’re at Gage Park skating away and you suddenly have a hankering for hot chocolate to cap off your splendid holiday evening — T by Daniel in downtown Brampton on Main St. might be a tea shop, but surprise, surprise, they also serve hot chocolate. There are two types of hot chocolate at T by Daniel: one is your standard indulgent chocolate drink, and the other adds mint to the mix! I tried the regular hot chocolate to see how it chalked up to the others in Brampton, and it was delicious. Beware, this is an indulgent hot chocolate, heavy on the chocolate side. It also rings in at about $4.50, similar to a lion chai at T by Daniel, but for the size and the taste it’s worth your time. The only thing missing is marshmallows.

2) Bean & Pearl

One of the best parts about Bean & Pearl’s hot chocolate is the options. You can choose what kind of milk you want in your hot chocolate here, whether it’s soy, regular two per cent, or even almond (lactose intolerant humans rejoice)! Bean & Pearl is located in a relatively new plaza at Sandalwood and Creditview, and their hot chocolate wins on the options, the presentation, and the taste combined. In a glass mug where you can see the layer of hot chocolate and the layer of frothed milk on top, you’ll first admire its beauty and then take a sip and admire its taste — this hot chocolate will leave you impressed. Bean & Pearl is a modern cafe that also serves some of the best bubble tea in Brampton, has dessert options like cheesecake, and even boasts menu items like grilled cheese and paninis. Definitely worth a trip, and definitely worth ordering a hot chocolate.

1) Traditional Taste

Located in a plaza at Queen and McLaughlin, you must try the hot chocolate at Traditional Taste. It was love at first sip for me — there are bits of chocolate in here! Traditional Taste’s hot chocolate is ideal for a few reasons: the amount of chocolate in the drink is perfect in proportion to the amount of milk and foam, there’s a small seating area to enjoy it in, it costs your spare change (just over $2), and you can buy some delicious Portuguese treats on your way out. If you’re about to do some fun holiday activities in Brampton, or you’re capping off a leisurely afternoon of skating and taking photos with Santa, stop by Traditional Taste for a solid hot chocolate experience. 

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