Top 5 Hipster Shopping Places in Mississauga


They’re drawn to Port Credit for obvious reasons but hipsters are now leaving coconut oil stains across Mississauga. From River Grove to Square One, skinny-jean rockin’, bicycle-riding (sub)urban bohemians are being spotted on the regular.

Back in 2015 we wrote about why those bearded dudes with dad bods who are pretentious as (organic) fudge aren’t in Sauga, but things have since changed.

Here are five places where we’ve regularly seen hipsters avoid eye contact as they silently brood about our lame craft beer scene.

5. Goodness Me! Natural Food Market

Popular U.S. retailers Whole Foods and Urban Outfitters have made their way to Square One, making downtown Mississauga waaaay too mainstream for hipsters, who’ll applaud themselves for trekking to Bristol and Mavis for a chance to saunter the aisles looking for super-fine almond flour, clove essential oil, roasted dandelion root, and avocado oil mayo. There, they’ll rejoice over recent blog posts on the store’s site, such as 7 Ways to Enjoy The Benefits of Hemp Seeds, and order Tropical Warrior smoothies because it’s green and there’s no such thing as too much coconut milk. They’ll also take home vegan samosas and pakoras from the hot foods counter.

4. Archtop Cafe

Vinyl is an essential component of any bonafide hipster’s arsenal. They’ll straight up express horror at the mere mention of Spotify. This Lakeshore Rd. E. cafe is adorned with vintage guitars and offers fair-trade coffee and loose leaf tea on tea on tea. Then there are records, from the Beatles to Bruno Mars … CDs and DVDs are also for sale. (Next-level hipsters will have to buy VHS and cassettes from Kijiji or Craigslist). The only thing missing from the menu is alcohol. Nonetheless, I dare you to count how many man-buns descend on this Port Credit hotspot over the weekend.

(Oh, and if it’s just vinyl you’re into, head down the street to also check out Ric’s Recollections. It’s been around for over 20 years and if you’re in the market for used LPs, this is the place to go. You’ll find country, pop, classical, international, rock, jazz and R&B albums. If you’re looking for classic albums, you’ll find a huge selection of Beatles, Lynyrd SkynyrdRolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin records).

3. Dixie and Dundas

With Talize, the Salvation Army, and Value Village (which moved last January and is now on the south side at 1475 Dundas St. E.), a full workday can be spent thrifting at this favoured secondhand shopping stretch. From vintage T-shirts to macrame planters, hipsters will do just about anything ‘for the gram’ and go as far as purchasing a wooden gossip bench for their shiny, gentrified condos. Many hipsters prefer Talize, where clothing is organized by colour, since it reminds them of rainbow bagels and rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches and rainbow makeup.

2. Farmers’ Markets

Organic, artistan/handmade goods can be found in every legit hipster’s home. Whether it’s a Lions market on Sunday morning or a Wednesday afternoon at Celebration Square, they’ll get out of their Zipcars with reusable shopping bags and sample kombucha and sliced peaches then rave about how large the cauliflower heads are and gush over the selection. Weighed down by jars of honey, beaded bracelets, and free-range anything, they’ll trek home touting the benefits of living so freakin’ close to Beamsville.

1. Cabin

Because dudes have to get their beard oil somewhere once they’ve delivered bags of dirty, craft-beer stained lumberjack shirts to their parents’ Lorne Park mansion. As you can surmise, the classic hipster vernacular includes artisan, craft, organic, and indie … all of which can be found in one part of Mississauga: Port Credit, conveniently down the road from Sauga’s Beverly Hills. Enter Cabin. This Lakeshore Rd. E. barbershop is a one-stop shop for hipsters who simply can’t get a haircut without simultaneously being served espresso or having an array of products to purchase, from belts to cigars. Plus, they leave smelling like a roaring campfire.

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