Top 5 Hakka Restaurants in Brampton

Published November 6, 2016 at 4:02 am

Talking about the top 5 hakka spots in Brampton stirs up a lot of controversy. Do you like the more Chinese-style hakka or the Indian-focused hakka? Manchurian shrimp with extra chilies or chili chicken, easy on the chilies? Whatever it is, Brampton has some of the best hakka in the GTA and here are the top 5!

5. Hakka Village

This is an old school hakka joint on Kennedy Road just north of Steeles that comes correct with the extra spicy version of chili chicken (and it includes a portion of steamed rice for $9.99). While the interior décor is straight out of a strip mall Chinese restaurant from North York circa 1982, the food brings the heat and has been doing so for decades.

4. New China Garden

Located just behind the courts and in very close proximity to one of the best Afghan joints in Brampton, Pamier Kabob, New China Garden has some of the hottest Manchurian prawns I have ever had. Now, before you start telling me that I probably can’t handle the spice, keep in mind I have been living in Btown for some time now, and I have iron guts–but dammmmn this is spicy! For $15 you get enough Manchurian prawns and rice to feed the Indian Defence forces and the lunch specials for $9.99 are a fantastic deal!

3. Hakka Delight

The Brampton hakka game is tight and the ratings between these top three Hakka joints are razor thin, so when I say Hakka Delight is good, I mean it’s damn good. The gravy is nice and spicy while not blowing your head off and it’s not simply loaded with cornstarch to thicken it. The food here is fantastic and they get a super busy lunch rush that brings in the local business crowd from both Brampton and north Mississauga. This joint is also conveniently located beside the local Magnotta Wine retail location. Here is a tip, get some Manchurian fish, medium spicy and pick up a bottle of $7 Sauvignon Blanc next door for an evening that would make the Weeknd jealous.

2. Hakka Flavours

Located on Queen Street East in very close proximity to Airport Road, this place is super busy and delicious. A mainstay in the Indian community, it gets a steady rush of students, aunties, blue collar workers from the local factories and cool dudes like myself on the regular. With amazing sizzling platters, soups and your typical hakka fare, the food here is great and the quality is very consistent (which can be an issue with some hakka spots around town).

1. Guddu’s Chilli Chicken

Here it is, the best hakka spot in Brampton, and guess what–It is not a massive hakka place that rushes you in and out as fast as humanly possible, it is not located in a major commercial area of the city or even a busy street. Guddu’s Chilli Chicken is located at Van Kirk and Sandlewood and is the new gold standard when it comes to hakka cuisine. The service is excellent, the location, while small, is clean, bright and modern and the food is straight up the best hakka I have ever had. The gravy is not overly sweet, sticky or spicy. It is homemade and loaded with peppers, onions garlic and chilies. Do yourself a favour and try this place now!

What’s your favourite hakka joint in Brampton?

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