Top 5 Grocery Stores for Takeout in Mississauga

Published November 11, 2016 at 11:21 pm


There are moments where I crave a healthy, home-cooked meal but am simply too exhausted from a hard day’s work to make dinner. In these situations, I turn to grocery store prepared food options, which are relatively quick and healthy. Whether you got caught up at work or you’d rather just spend time doing something else, grocery store takeout can be a smart choice.

For all those who don’t have the time to cook an involved dinner, but still feel like eating a homestyle meal, here are the top five grocery stores for takeout:

5. Adonis

Adonis is a huge market that specializes in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods. Unlike the other shops on this list, it’s possible to buy a family dinner without breaking the bank. When you journey to the back of this store, it’s impossible to miss the massive fresh counter with its plethora of takeout options. The store has many of the standard go-to items, like roasted chicken and several rice dishes. Some unique and noteworthy options include a store baked pizza bread, their house hummus and a fresh tabbouleh. If you’re looking for a mediterranean meal with lots of options, Adonis is a strong choice.

4. Planet Organic

Planet Organic is an underrated indie grocery store, found on Lakeshore just east of Hurontario. Inside, you will find all the essentials–and some unique departments–including a well-rounded organic produce section, many loose leaf teas, a varied collection of cooking oils and, of course, an amazing gourmet prepared food section. Planet Organic’s prepared foods are different from your average grocery store in that they have many healthy options for varying diets. I recommend trying the spinach-potato cakes; despite the unappealing name, they are rather tasty. Be warned, this location is quite expensive; I easily broke $20 just on a small lunch for myself.

3. Michael Angelo’s Marketplace

Having worked at Michael Angelo’s for several years in my youth, I can earnestly say that this grocery store has quality food. At this store, I learned about produce I had never before seen (kohlrabi, dragon fruit, pomelo and kumquats, to name a few), because this grocery store really does focus on having a wide selection of the finest, freshest produce. That said, Michael Angelo’s expertly uses its fresh ingredients in the making of its prepared foods. Among my favourite items are vegetable spring rolls, chow mein, vegetable towers and cheese-stuffed mushroom caps. If you’ve never visited the store before, it’s definitely worth the drive, even if Erin Mills is a bit of a trek.

2. Cousin’s Gourmet Market

Located by Hurontario and Inglewood, Cousin’s Gourmet Market is situated in close proximity to two of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Mississauga. The contents of the supermarket certainly reflect its high end clientele, as the store boasts a wide array of luxurious grocery products, deli and meat options. Right in front of the store is a rather large prepared food section with lots of healthy choices. I was impressed with the selection of chicken. In addition, there was a large selection of grilled vegetables, my favourite being a zucchini, eggplant and portobello mushroom tower with goat cheese, all skewered together with a stick of rosemary. Though I’ve highlighted just two options, there are many, many more. If you’re looking for a quick, healthy meal, Cousin’s is a strong choice.

1. Whole Foods

In the northwest corner of the Square One area, you will find Whole Foods – a grocery store that focuses on healthy, organic and ethically sourced products. When I visited the store, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and affordability of the food. Whole Foods has an unparalleled amount of prepared options for its patrons: freshly baked pizzas, a huge salad bar, a self-serve hot food section and a behind the counter salad and meat section. The food we took home was easy to reheat, delicious and healthy; a perfect choice for a quick and healthy meal on the fly. While this grocery store may be too expensive for most residents of Mississauga to visit on a weekly basis, their prepared food section is varied and offers enough options so that you can make a healthy meal, even with a tempered budget.

  1. Whole Foods Market Square One
  2. Cousin’s Gourmet Market
  3. Michael Angelo’s
  4. Planet Organic Market
  5. Adonis
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