Top 5 Greasy Spoons in Mississauga


Published June 11, 2014 at 1:17 pm


There are some good greasy spoons hiding in Mississauga. For those who don’t know,greasy spoon” is a colloquial term for a small, cost effective restaurant or diner typically specializing in absolutely delicious food that has been in business forever.

I define a greasy spoon as a place that you usually frequent for breakfast to cure a hangover, not knowing you can really stay there to eat lunch and dinner as well and never go home.

They also have a huge variety on the menu, with everything from breakfast to Souvlaki to a 10 oz. New York Steak & Shrimp to my favourite Liver!

Here are the top 5 greasy spoons in Mississauga:

5 – Captain Robin’s

Located in the heart of Port Credit beside the corner Starbucks is Captain Robin’s. If breakfast of gigantic portions are your thing, then this place is for you. Captain Robin’s has all the classic breakfast dishes with fun local names like the “Port Credit Breakfast Platter” which consists of 2 pancakes, 4 large eggs, a double serving of their famous hash browns and Texas toast. The Country Style Skillet (as seen in the cover shot above) comes with their famous hash browns, bacon, ham, sausage and back bacon that is topped with scrambled eggs, a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and smothered in hollandaise sauce. The caramelized onions intertwined with the shoe string like hash browns makes them one of the best in the city. 

Dish you have to try: “Port Credit Breakfast Platter”
2 pancakes, 4 large eggs, a double serving of their famous hash browns and Texas toast.)

4 – Skyway Jacks

This Streetsville resto is the place to be if you’re hungry and don’t want to break the bank, and it’s definitely one of the best all-day breakie joints. If you are super hungry, get the “Super Jack” (especially for that super hangover, as seen in the photo above). It comes with three eggs, three pieces of bacon, three sausages, two slices of Peameal bacon, breakfast potatoes and toast — all for just $12.99. Skyway is an eclectic local favorite with character and the staff is super friendly (and my coffee mug was never empty). It gets pretty busy at Skyway’s, but if you time your drive right, you will miss the senior morning rush, the regular morning rush, the churchgoers and the hangover rush. Even with a wait, it’s well worth it once you dig in.

Dish you have to try: The Super Jack
(Three eggs, three pieces of bacon, three sausages, two slices of Peameal bacon, breakfast potatoes and toast)

3 – Master Steak

Master Steak is located just north of the 401 and is open 19 hours a day. I remember going there when I was younger (probably in the 19th hour after a night of clubbing), and it looks almost identical today. This place is a meat lover’s dream, as there is a butcher shop attached. Not only does this place have fresh steaks, they serve said steaks at breakfast and lunch. The burgers are freshly ground and the steak portions are cut right off of the strips in the kitchen.

Dish you have to try:  12 oz. Delmonico Steak (with two sides)

2 – Wally’s

Wally’s Family Restaurant, located minutes away from the Square One area, is one of the best and most well known greasy spoons. With the orange seat covers adorning orange vinyl seats, this place is old school. You can get breakfast and dinner as well, but this time we went for lunch to have one of their classic dishes — the Wally’s hamburger and fries. This is one of the only greasy spoons that has a patio.

Dish you have to try: The Breakfast Special that has been around for 35 years.

1 – Orchard Family Restaurant

It’s amazing how this simple yet prominent establishment has been in business for 49 years and even has customers who have been regulars for 40 years. It almost feels like you stepped into the past into Mel’s diner with its diner-style layout and gum-chomping fixtures (aka waitresses). If you are looking for a healthy breakfast dish, keep looking because you won’t find it here. A great cure for a hangover at a very reasonable price — and the portions are gigantic!

Dish you have to try: Cinnamon Raisin French toast

What is your favourite greasy spoon in Mississauga?

  1. Orchard Family Restaurant
  2. Wally’s Family Restaurant
  3. Master Steaks
  4. Skyway Jack’s
  5. Captain Robin’s
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