Top 5 Go-To Spots to Make Your Fam Jam a Hit!


It's fam jam time and I’m ready to party it up! Every year around this time, we all try to let loose and get together with friends and family to have a good time.

So without further delay, here are my top 5 go-to spots to hit up for a party!  

1) Magnotta Winery

When I throw a party, I need a lot of wine to please my guests. Also, due to the fact that I throw multiple parties for all my worldly guests, I need a lot of wine and only a 16 litre box of Magotta's finest will do.  This is my go-to spot for red and white table wine, as a massive box of will run you $100.00 and it will be good for six months. You can still wow your wine loving friends well into the summer.   

2) Oceans Food Market

I know, I know! I'm always bigging this place up, but the catering menu here cannot be beat. Every time I throw a party, I get three items that always impress/fill up my guests:

  1. Spring Rolls: The spring rolls here are tasty—but more than that, they are very, VERY cheap. Ten freshly fried veggie spring rolls will cost you $1.99. 
  2. Hunan Shrimp: These large shrimps are sauteed in garlic, ginger and chilli peppers with long beans and broccoli and are absolutely delicious. A medium-sized catering tray will set you back about $30. 
  3. Chow Mein noodles: For $60 bucks you will honestly have enough noodles to feed the entire Chinese People's Liberation Army. Honestly, you will never EVER see more noodles in your life! ENJOY! 

3 - Watan Kabob

Watan Kabob is one of Mississauga's premier spots for lunch.  My office is a block away and I can tell you that there is a reason why this place is rammed at lunch and dinner. The food is absolutely delicious. It’s fresh and the price is fantastic.  The same can certainly be said about the party trays offered at this Afghan mainstay, what with its succulent charcoal broiled Kabob, the fresh and fluffy rice and the dense and delicious Afghan naan (completely different than its Indian cousin).   

4)  Marche Adonis

Last year I partied with a bunch of my Egyptian buddies, and let me tell you something: Coptic Christian or Muslim, fish BBQ crosses every religious divide. Here is the deal—go the fish monger in the back and order some fish. My favourite is porgie, as it's cheap and delicious. For a little extra, the nice people at Adonis will grill your fish whole over charcoal. DEEEELISH! Secondly, head to the cheese section and impress your friends with your knowledge of delicious, creamy and salty feta cheese. Last week, I counted eight different types of feta and I have tried them all! Do yourself a favour and splurge on the Egyptian feta, which is preserved in a brine with hot peppers.  

5)  Happy Birthday Cakes

All right, it's time for dessert! The crew is over and all the noodles, fish BBQ and Kebob are gone and the 16 litres of Chardonnay are just about tapped out and it's time to go into a diabetic coma. Happy Birthday cakes is  a very non-descript Filipino bakery that specializes in ube cake, a fantastic sweet purple cake that is made in-house by the sweetest Pinay (Pinoy) grandma you have ever seen!   

So there it is, my secret spots and strategies for a great party in this city.  Keep an eye out for me Mississauga, because I may be cruising down your street this holiday season with a refrigerator size box of wine in one arm and a pile of BBQ fish and a party tray of noodles in the other, looking to have a good time! HOHOHO

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