Top 5 Frozen Yogurt Cafes in Mississauga

Published May 9, 2015 at 5:14 am


A frozen yogurt battle has recently made its way to Mississauga with new entrants like Qoola, Yoyo’s and the long awaited Pinkberry — which is set to open its doors at Square One (sorry Toronto!). 

These frozen yogurt cafes are based on a self-serve model where fro-yo fanatics can customize their frozen treat with multiple yogurt flavours and choose from a large selection of toppings (which aren’t limited to maraschino cherries or candy sprinkles). 

You can choose from toppings like flavoured tapioca (what you find in bubble tea), fresh fruit, chocolate bits and pieces, cheesecake, brownie, cookie dough, red velvet pieces, nuts, candies and sauces. You will even find flavoured mochi at some locations. For those who don’t know, mochi is a Japanese rice cake made with glutinous rice that has a chewy texture similar to a gummy bear but softer. 

Here are Mississauga’s top five fro-yo locations:

5 – Yeh!

Yeh! is a Canadian frozen yogurt company. It was formed in Montreal in 2008 and is owned by twin brothers who became the sole owners in 2012. The brand has since expanded across North America and globally. 

Yeh! is the only frozen yogurt cafe in Port Credit and the only frozen dessert shop located on the main strip. The interior is modern and fun, decked out in bright green and pink colours to match the company’s logo. Although this ranks fifth on my top five list, Yeh! takes it for the best location and atmosphere. This area of Mississauga has a lot to see and do and you can enjoy your customized frozen concoction inside the vibrant location, go for a stroll along the strip or take it to the Port Credit pier and people watch. 

The yogurt is homemade using non-fat, low-fat or non-dairy sorbet that contains live bacteria and active cultures and no artificial sweeteners. There are over 60 toppings and 60 frozen flavours to choose from on a rotation basis at store level.

Number of Toppings in Store: 50+
Number of Fro-yo/Non-dairy Flavours in Store: 10
Price: $0.62/oz

4 – Yoyo’s Yogurt Café

Yoyo’s is a Canadian company established in 2010 in London, Ont. and a frozen yogurt chain that expanded rapidly in 2013 when Cineplex acquired 50 per cent of Yoyo’s Yogurt Café, making the majority of their locations throughout Canada inside movie theatres. 

Yoyo’s Mississauga is located on the ground floor of the Capital Condominiums on Living Arts Drive, walking distance from Celebration Square (making it an ideal pit stop to cool off after a Celebration Square event). There are a few outdoor areas surrounding this location where you can enjoy your custom-made frozen treat, including City Hall’s Jubilee Garden right across the street or the Community Common Park about half a block away.  

Yoyo’s offers over 50 different frozen flavours that are rotated with 10 to choose from at store level as well as over 50 different toppings. I like the set up at this location because the ingredients are arranged on an island, making it easy to navigate and access the toppings.

Number of Toppings in Store: 50+
Number of Fro-yo/Non-dairy Flavours in Store: 12
Price: $0.55/oz

3 – Menchie’s

Menchie’s is an American company that first opened in Los Angeles in 2007 and quickly expanded globally. The founders are a husband and wife team who share a love of frozen yogurt. Menchie’s yogurts are custom made recipes using Canadian dairy and have live and active cultures – the good-for-your-guts stuff. The yogurt is gluten-free, certified kosher and doesn’t contain any high fructose corn syrup. There are over 120 different flavours which are rotated at store level and over 80 toppings available with about half available at a time. 

Menchie’s is located in a plaza off of Erin Centre Blvd. near a couple of neighbourhood parks if you wanted to enjoy your fro-yo outdoors. 

Number of Toppings in Store: 52+
Number of Fro-yo/Non-dairy Flavours in Store: 12
Price: $2.10/100g 

2 – Yogurty’s Froyo Frozen Yogurt

Yogurty’s is a Canadian frozen yogurt company; a brand owned by Markham, Ont.-based International Franchise Inc. (the same company that owns the Yogen Früz brand). Yogurty’s has locations across Canada and Mexico and three locations in Mississauga. 

Located in a small plaza off of Glen Erin Dr., the space is quite large and the set up is organized to prevent chaos on busy days. I also appreciate that most of the 50+ toppings that I can choose from are separated into containers that close (like Bulk Barn, but smaller). There’s something about a self-serve open ingredient bar, like the olive bar at grocery stores that makes me think about how many people potentially sneezed over it. 

Yogurty’s offers the most toppings in store with over 60 toppings to choose from and 90 different flavours of frozen yogurt categorized as low-fat, non-fat, tart, non-dairy sorbet and sherbert. The store features 12 flavours at a time. The yogurt is made with Canadian milk and certified kosher. It’s also gluten-free and boasts added probiotics. 

Number of Toppings in Store: 60 +
Number of Fro-yo/Non-dairy Flavours in Store: 12
Price: $0.55/oz

1 – Qoola

Qoola (pronounced cool-ah) is a Canadian company from B.C and it takes the number one spot on this top five list based on fro-yo taste and texture, location,atmosphere and ingredient set up. The yogurt has an extremely smooth and creamy texture and wins for best taste and texture by far in Mississauga. 

Qoola yogurt is GMO and hormone-free and more than half of the flavours offered in their selection of over 20 choices are organic. There are no artificial flavours or preservatives and the yogurt is fresh, never heat-treated and never made from powder. This means that it has alive and active probiotic cultures that are known to be good for your gut health (and it has more of these healthy gut properties than the powdered version). The yogurt is also made with organic fair-trade cane sugar and is certified kosher as well as fat and gluten-free. 

The Mississauga location inside Square One is the second location in Ontario. Although there are no windows, the decor is fun and the colours so vibrant that it makes you forget you are in a mall. I’d classify this as a takeout fro-yo spot simply because there are only a handful of seats, plus I’d rather eat my fro-yo outdoors on a park bench. 

Number of Toppings in Store: 36+
Number of Fro-yo/Non-dairy Flavours in Store: 10
Price: $0.65/oz


  1. Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar – Square One
  2. Yogurty’s Froyo
  3. Menchies- Erin Mills
  4. Alijandro’s Kitchen
  5. Yeh!
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