Top 5 Fries in Brampton

Published November 10, 2017 at 8:24 pm

Whether you like them curly, straight, waffle-cut, or loaded with toppings, fries win the prize for one of the most addictive sides (or meals – no judgement) in Brampton. Scratch that – in the world! That being said, Brampton has loads of places that serve up the golden pieces of heaven. Fries are a staple on any pub menu, and while you’re scarfing down Brampton’s most delicious fries, if anyone asks, you’re just eating your vegetables!

Piled high with toppings or plain, if you have a hankering for fries or just need something to snack on there are some seriously delicious fries in the Flower City. 

Here are the top five fries in Brampton:

5) Ellen’s Bar and Grill

Ellen’s near Bovaird and Main serves “elevated pub fare” – their menu boasts poutine, pasta, burgers, and more! If you’re looking for a classic go-to bar, Ellen’s is for you. Their fries come with their haddock fish and chips at around $15, and they’re worth your while. Dusted with cajun spices, Ellen’s fries are the right amount of crispy, and you’ll want to order a basket of them on their own to munch on during your booze-fest at this bar. They’re a unique take on the “chips” in fish and chips, and definitely a must-try in Brampton. This isn’t the fish and chips list, but I must say they also fry some mean haddock.

4) Firangi

An unexpected twist on fries: this delicious Indian resto on Airport and Queen makes butter chicken fries! Firangi opened last year (which they proudly display on their storefront as “Est. 2016”) and is operated by Sanjeev Sethi, the owner and executive chef of The Host brand. The cozy, street food inspired resto has a casual yet classy atmosphere. As for the fries, they are melt-in-your-mouth good – slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a light and fluffy texture. The butter chicken on top is rave-worthy and a perfect compliment to the fries underneath, aromatic, with tender chicken, creamy sauce, and a kick of spice. If you’re looking for some fancy fries, this is your spot, but it won’t break the bank either, with one dish ringing in at $10. Over all, a solid dish of fries that will keep you coming back for more – yum!

3) Poutine Dare to Be Fresh

A list of the best fries in Brampton really wouldn’t be complete without this Brampton gem. Located on Main near Queen in the downtown core, the fries here are made with love. Standalone or topped with delicious cheese curds, gravy, and all of the other wild toppings Poutine offers (shoutout to the Mexicana with chicken – go, guac!), the fries here are on point. Salted well, hand cut, on the crispy side, and a good size, the fries are something truly special in Brampton. The only thing at Poutine is that the orders are on the pricier end, though it makes sense because they’re loaded with toppings. The best part? The bumping hip-hop music that makes you feel like a boss while you stuff your face. 

2) Carve on Lot 5

Carve, located on Main, does a lot of things right – and fries are one of them! Whether you choose their made in-house sweet potato fries or their parmesean fries (that’s right, PARM FRIES!!!), you can’t go wrong…that’s why I like to order both. It’s a small portion size that’s good for snacking or warming up your stomach before your meal, ringing in at $5 for yam frites and $4 for parm fries a serving. The parm adds a unique (delicious) taste to the fries and will make you want parm with all of your fries, and though parm can be overwhelming, Carve dusts the fries with the ideal amount, the yam frites were a great size and texture, and the house made chipotle sauce is a must-try. Over all, the golden fries were also a good size and crispy consistency. Carve’s fries are a yes from me!

1) Crown and Lion

Crown and Lion is my personal favourite pub in all of Brampton. Sitting in a plaza at Steeles and Financial, this pub is cozy and boasts quick service and a friendly atmosphere, the perfect little spot for a beer and apps – and what better app is there than fries?! None! Load up on Crown and Lion’s waffle fries, golden fries, or even sweet potato fries with a house chipotle mayo (YUM), because they all hit the spot…but the waffle fries definitely take the cake. They’re a good size, crispy when you first bite into them, salted perfectly, and softer on the inside. Every fry is fried evenly and with care. These babies don’t even need ketchup or toppings, they’re so good, you might order seconds and thirds, but that’s okay because they’re won’t make too frightening of a dent in your bank account, at $6 a serving for some classic fries.

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