Top 5 Fresh Fish Seafood Markets in Mississauga

Published November 10, 2014 at 4:41 am


Like a true man of the sea, my seafood game is off the charts. I love seafood like there is no tomorrow and there is absolutely nothing I won’t try. 
From the phallic geoduck to the king mackerel, I crush all of it with extreme prejudice. This city has a plethora of places to buy sea creatures and I am here to let you know about my top 5!
5 – Angelo’s Waterfront Seafood Market

This spot is perfect for those looking for a more European flare in regards to their seafood shopping experience. This is the place I get my oysters from and for those that know me, I slurp those things down like a mule eating an apple.  Now, the issue with oysters is that they are pricy. Unless of course you get them from Angelo’s and he teaches you how to shuck them, like he did for me. Now I am eating oysters like I am a Mississauga millionaire!
4 – Whole Foods 

High-end and well worth it! Whole Foods take seafood and fish very seriously with a focus on freshness and sustainability. Like I hinted at, the seafood here is not cheap but hey, how often do you eat seafood anyways? The fishmongers here know what they are talking about when it comes to the different fish presented. I have had the swordfish here and it was unbelievable, along with the fresh seafood sausages.  You don’t have to be Rick Ross in order to treat yourself to something nice once in a while, so do it!
3 – Btrust Supermarket 

Located at the Golden Square Centre, these guys come correct with a serious selection of fresh fish. While the aforementioned supermarkets tend to focus heavily on seafood, this spot has a large amount of live tank fish and fish on ice. This is the place I typically go to get “whitting” — which is a small, ugly fish that’s fried whole. These beauties have extremely light and sweet flesh and, to top it off, they are cheap! The cast of characters behind the fish table will have these fish sliced and gutted before you can say $1.77 a pound!
2- T&T Supermarket 

This spot has undergone a facelift since Loblaw’s purchased it and their fish game is still on point! T&T started in a faraway land out west (Vancity baby!). The store is trying to attract new clientele, as they have staff members whose badges say, “I speak English” to help non-Mandarin speaking customers seek assistance. It’s a nice gesture, but I could care less — get me those clams, soft shell crab or octopus and I’m like DMX, out like a thief in the night!
1 – Oceans 

I’m sure you already know about my love affair with this place and its hot plate section, however the main attraction to this Chinese market is the fresh fish section. Walking into the back room, you will see every kind of fish and seafood imaginable. From the depths of the ocean to our North American frigid lakes, they have it.  The fishmongers know fish and seafood like the back of their hands and they can clean, gut and scale in seconds and it’s done to precision! Check out their weekly flyers for some amazing deals, but be sure to get there early on weekends to avoid fighting with a 72-year-old auntie over the last piece of precious king fish!


  1. Oceans Fresh Food Market
  2. T & T Supermarket
  3. Btrust Supermarket
  4. Whole Foods Market Square One
  5. Angelo’s Waterfront Seafood Market
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