Top 5 Food Courts/Centres in Mississauga


Published September 2, 2014 at 4:59 am


Mississauga has a wide range of food courts to choose from. You can go to a food court to get the typical Taco Bell or unique Colombian empanadas. There is something for all tastes in Mississauga.

Here are the Top 5 Food Centres/Courts in Mississauga:

5 – Pearson International Airport

I know that this might not be the most accessible food court and you would never travel there just for the food, but you will most likely end up here sometime within the year if/when you travel. This food court has a lot of variety, as mentioned in a past article that we did on  With high profile chefs like Susur Lee, Lyn Crawford, Roger Mooking and Zane Caplansky opening up restaurants at the airport, you will have a food court like no other in Mississauga. So just remember this article when you travel next! 

4 – Mississauga Flea Market (weekends only)

The place is called the International Food Court, and let me tell you, this is the United Nations of fabulous fast foods! When you first enter this area, you’re welcomed with some reggae music, so you can get your groove on as you walk around. The music is courtesy of the Caribbean/jerk chicken stand, which has damn good jerk chicken. You will find food from Columbia, India, the Philippines, the Middle East, Afghanistan, the West Indies, China and Peru. And don’t worry — there are hot dogs and pizza for the less adventurous. The only drawback is they are only open on the weekends. Also, be sure to bring cash!

3 – Heartland Town Centre

This might not be a food court in the traditional sense, but Heartland Town Centre has more food options than any other area in Mississauga. It houses all the usual suspects from California Sandwiches, Five Guys Burgers, and McD’s to Panda Express, Pho Mi 99 and Guru Hakka. There is something for everyone’s taste.  There are almost 40 choices for you to sink your teeth into within a square kilometer.   

2 – Food Central at Square One

The new Food Central food court that opened up earlier this year is the biggest food court in Mississauga and it houses everything from burritos and burgers to Middle Eastern, Indian, Greek, Chinese cuisine and more. This new food court has also replaced garbage receptacles with a dedicated station staffed by a person who manages the garbage and trays. I kind of feel bad giving my garbage to someone, so there should be an option to dispose of it yourself. If you are dining in the court, your meal will be served on non-disposable dishes with non-disposable utensils – fancy. 
 1 – Dixie Park

This place is the wonderland of Asian food courts in Mississauga. Located in the back of the Dixie Park mall, the price, selection and quantity of food you get is like no other. There is a choice of Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Chinese for you to choose from. This isn’t the typical Square One Asian food court eating place we are talking about. We are talking about hundreds of dishes to choose from at any one place. Each one of these places also offers a catering service.  So, for $5 to $10, you can buy something for lunch and have leftovers for breakfast the next day. Food comes out quick and seats go fast, so get there before noon.


  1. Dixie Park
  2. Food Central at Square One
  3. Heartland Town Centre
  4. Mississauga Flea Market
  5. Toronto Pearson International Airport
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