Top 5 Engagement and Wedding Photography Locations in Brampton

Published July 7, 2017 at 4:45 pm

Wedding season is in full force until around October, and if you’re getting hitched, you’re likely looking for some locations to shoot incredible photos to celebrate your big day!

If you live in Brampton, you don’t have to go far to shoot gorgeous engagement and wedding photos. There are scenic outdoor areas close to home where you can get some quality shots, whether you’re looking for an urban or a rural backdrop. Brampton’s full of stunning architecture and grounds.

Here are the top five engagement and wedding photography locations in Brampton.

5) Churchville

Did you know that Churchville is over 200 years old? Rural and historic Churchville is a hidden nook in Brampton that’s great for a quaint photoshoot. Tucked away in southwest Brampton, take a turn on Churchville Road to discover this designated heritage community under the Ontario Heritage Act. The park pictured below is just a snippet of the variety of charming backdrops you’ll find in Churchville, from historic buildings, to secluded areas along the Credit River, to small bridges, and to grassy parks. If you want a location with charm and history for your photoshoot, Churchville is for you. Bonus: Head over to Eldorado Park down the street for more locations along the Credit River.

4) Claireville Conservation Area

Claireville is a massive expanse of land off of Highway 50 that’s great for a classic outdoor photoshoot. It’s huge – around 848 acres – and covers land across four cities, including Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, and Vaughan. The area is a natural landscape that sits on the West Humber River and is often called an urban oasis, boasting wetlands, valleys, forests, dirt roads, and grasslands. If you’re looking for somewhere with a large variety of outdoor backdrops, or perhaps you’re unsure of what kind of location you want, Claireville is a good go-to. Keep an eye out for their wooden bridge where you can get some very romantic shots.

3) Gage Park and the Alderlea

You’ll find Gage Park and the Alderlea in the heart of downtown Brampton – a very Brampton backdrop if you’re looking for one. First, the Alderlea is an elegant, historic venue that overlooks Gage Park. The Alderlea was originally built for Kenneth Chisholm, businessman, political figure, and son-in-law of John Elliott, a founding father of Brampton, in 1867, so you know it’s got a historical charm. The exterior is stunning for unique photos, and the interior is the same, with Italian style architecture. The interior reception area boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and opens onto landscaped gardens, and there’s an interior parlour that’s very classy, complete with high ceilings and a fireplace. Just a note – if you’re planning to shoot at the Alderlea, you should contact them to book it. So, why did I group Gage Park and the Alderlea together? Gage Park used to be the front lawn of the Alderlea, and now, it offers a great outdoor space to include in your photos, complete with majestic trees, art like the Dominion Bell, and of course, a gazebo.

2) Mount Pleasant Village

For the urbanite, Mount Pleasant Village is located in the northwest corner of Brampton. According to the city, Mount Pleasant acts as a mobility hub connecting inter-regional GO service with Brampton local transit, and is all about active transportation and modernity in general. The community features extensive environmental restoration, and a complex urban structure with mixed-use nodes along a strong transit spine, connecting a series of complete neighbourhoods with urban character. This “urban transit village” is a very innovative space in Brampton, and as soon as you get there, you’ll understand why. Take photos with public art installations like the ghost train, use the stone walls on the buildings to create a romantic vibe, have a seat along the central human-made fountain and pond area, or simply take a walk around the village for some modern shots. Mount Pleasant is ideal for unique engagement and wedding photos.

1) Heart Lake Conservation Area

This 169-acre space in the Etobicoke Creek Watershed is perfect for some gorgeous, natural, classic, outdoor wedding photography. You’ll find endless majestic trails and waterfront areas, fun picnic spaces, and a plethora of trees. The colours in the scenery at Heart Lake are sure to make your wedding photos pop – especially as we get closer to fall. Heart Lake offers a variety of natural spaces for your shoot, however, it also offers an opportunity for some unique photos – if you’re willing. Heart Lake offers Treetop Trekking and ziplining (make sure you book and inquire in advance), so if you’ve ever wanted to try some adventurous and athletic wedding photography (it’s a serious workout), Heart Lake might be your spot. But if you’re going the more traditional route, Heart Lake is ideal for all of those romantic shots on bridges, in grassy areas, and near trees and waterfronts.

BONUS: PAMA (Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archives)

If you haven’t been to PAMA (Peel Art Gallery Museums + Archives), you are missing out—especially since the organization is both beautiful and historical. Located at 9 Wellington Street East, the downtown-area gem offers old-world charm and culture, making it an ideal backdrop for wedding or engagement photos. History buffs might be pleased to know that PAMA has a rich history, once functioning as the Peel County Courthouse, an infamous jail, an office building and a registry office. Now, it functions as a place of art, history and learning. It’s as compelling as it is beautiful, and if you get married or engaged in May, the cherry blossoms might make for absolutely stunning pictures. 

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