Top 5 Dosas in Mississauga

Published October 26, 2018 at 3:19 pm


Looking for an interesting veggie option in Mississauga? Why not try a deliciously flavourful and crispy dosa? For those wondering what that is, a dosa is comparable to a very thin and crispy crepe made from a fermented batter consisting of rice and black grams/beans or lentils. Made on a round open wok called a tava, it is usually stuffed with potato bhaji (a yellowish potato filling with spices similar in consistency to a slightly mashed potato), and served with a side of sambar (a lentil and veggie based curry) and various chutneys (usually one coconut based, one tomato based, one coriander based) to dip or pour over your meal. You can try to eat this with cutlery, but you’ll notice those around you rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty; don’t worry its normal, if anything, join them! While I’ve described a very basic dosa, the variations are truly endless, and as a result, the options in this city are almost overwhelming.

Here’s an attempt to narrow down the city’s top 5 options for a delicious dosa:  

5) Desi Bar & Grill

Years ago, this location was home to a rather iconic dosa-based restaurant called Madras Dosa Hut, and while it no longer stands in Tomken Plaza, Desi Bar & Grill has taken its place formidably! They offer a variety of food options, many of which with an Indian twist, but they also carry a beautiful selection of dosas! While I’ve mentioned that dosas tend to be vegetarian, the variations that have come about also include many meat filled options. Try their butter chicken, keema (spiced minced meat), or even shrimp dosas! They can be a refreshing change to the pallet along with some interestingly different chutneys outside of the main 3 that can really change the taste of your meal. Not to be forgotten, but they do have the more traditional vegie dosas as well, including a paneer dosa (cottage cheese) and some spicy dosa options too.  Desi Bar & Grill definitely offers some of the most interesting dosa options of the restaurants on this list.

4) Chimney Fresh

Hailing from the southern state of Kerala, India, Chimney Fresh has a large variety of incredibly well cooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and this includes their dosas! With over 30 different types to dosas, you’ll definitely be spoiled for choice. They range from more common options like plain dosa, masala dosa, Mysore dosa, and all kinds of paper dosas (longer and thinner dosas), and include some more unique options like Kerala dosa, chicken dosa, fish dosa, pizza dosa, and a five-foot long dosa! Overwhelmed at all? While selection is great to have, the flavours of these dosas are just sublime. When you try it, you’ll be able to tell it’s a little different from some of the other restos on this list, but that’s part of the beauty of dosa. It may have basic origins, but everyone tries their hand at making it something unique, and Chimney Fresh is no different in that regard.

3) Udupi Madras Cafe

If you’re interested in having a dosa for the very first time, this is a resto you want to visit. Their dosas have consistently been some of the best in the city since their inception, and there isn’t any indication of that stopping any time soon. Located behind the pink buildings (Sussex Centre) by Square One, on the second level facing Enfield Place, Udupi has become a staple for South Indian cuisine in the area. Their potato bhaji is flavourful and some of the best in the city. If you’re free on a Saturday or a Sunday, their weekend buffets come with dosa as well. It’s a great way to try a host of different items and explore some well-established South Indian cuisine! Driving here? Call ahead or check their website for details on free underground parking.

2) Guru Lukshmi

This venue was always going to be in the top two for those that know their dosas in this city. Located at the Northern tip of Mississauga, Guru Lukshmi can only be described as a dosa factory. The line up to get in most days can turn some away, but the lineup is not without reason. Despite how efficient the service is there, when you make good food, the people will come. The selection here is jaw dropping. I’ve lost count as to just how many dosas there are on this menu, but rest assured, the selection is matched by the quality. Kids have about seven options alone, there’s a section for diabetic friendly dosas, Jain Rava Dosas, options to add cheese to almost every dosa, and a host of creative signature dosas among other items. Most orders on the menu are accompanied by two pictures, one of the dosa and one of the inside of the dosa to really get the mouth salivating (that’s definitely not the intended purpose, but it does happen). If you’re willing to wait a little for a great dosa, Guru Lukshmi is where you need to go!

1) Saravanaa Bhavan

Here it is…dosa perfection. Ask any avid dosa-lover and most will say that while some of these venues produce delicious and creative dosas, nothing beats the taste of the dosas back in India. It’s a longing for a familiar taste that’s reflective of the fresh local ingredients available there. Somehow, Saravanaa Bhavan has managed to replicate this! With an abundance of locations all over the world, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Earning the number one spot on this list does not come easy, but my experiences here haven’t give me a reason to think otherwise. The dosas are perfectly crispy, the chutneys are all made to perfection, the sambar is addictive, and the potato bhaji here is the stuff of absolute legend! With over 40 dosas to choose from, selection here is not an issue, and while some have said that service here in years past have been a little slow, they agree that it has now become some of the best in the city! I highly recommend the paneer dosa here, as it is the best dosa I have tried in completing this top 5 and their Madras coffee or masala chai accompanies the meal beautifully! My experience here was so perfect, I almost thought it was a fluke (in all fairness). To keep this top 5 honest, I took it upon myself to revisit the venue a few days later, and nothing changed; it was just as perfect the second time around.  For all these reasons and more, Saravanaa Bhavan is the number one dosa venue in Mississauga!

Some Other Dosa Venues in Mississauga:

  • India’s Taste Mississauga

  • Anjappar Chettinand (Meat dosas available on weekends)

  • Tandoori Flame

  • SLS Eazy Carry

  • Bombay Chaat

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