Top 5 Culturally Inspired Poutine in Mississauga


Published September 3, 2015 at 6:01 pm


Poutine is a distinctly Canadian dish and, just like the country that produced it, it’s open to a variety of cultural influences. Poutines — simple but satisfying comfort dishes — can be customized to death because their delicious bones (fries, cheese and gravy) go well with a variety of ingredients. If I see a poutine on an Indian or Middle Eastern resto’s menu, I will try it. Culturally-inspired poutines can sometimes fall flat, but they can also work magically to create new flavours that you never thought possible.

Here are the top five culturally-inspired poutine dishes in Mississauga.

5 – Sugar Marmalade

Japanese Terriyaki Fries – Japanese

Sugar Marmalade is the first and only location in Mississauga that specializes in desserts from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Imagine a colourful and suped-up bubble tea drink served in a bowl and topped with ice cream. The dish we’re talking about today, however? The Japanese Teriyaki French Fries. The meal boasts French fries topped with mayo, teriyaki sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed strips. You have to ask for cheese to make it a proper poutine, but this dish is absolutely delicious.

4 – Colossus

Lamb Poutine – Greek

This place is especially nice in the summer, as it has a gorgeous and huge patio overlooking Port Credit. This is a higher-end Greek restaurant that has a real traditional Greek feel to it. I assume it has that traditional high-end Greek feel to it because, according to our server, the owner also owns a five-star restaurant in Greece. The poutine they have here is the lamb poutine with roasted pulled leg of lamb, oregano feta fries and aujus. It tasted as good as the picture looks.

3 – Pita and Grill

Chicken Shawarma Poutine – Middle Eastern

Located in Cooksville in the Confederation and Dundas area is Pita and Grill. This poutine is inspired by chicken shawarma. To make this delicacy, they take the chicken cut off the spit and place it on fresh cooked fries and finish the dish with cheese. Make sure you ask for garlic sauce on top and mix it up. You’ll have one of the most flavourful poutines out there.

2 – Desi Bar and Grill

Butter Chicken Poutine – Indian

Desi Bar and Grill, located in a plaza by Tomken and Rathburn, is a modern-casual Indian restaurant known for its curries, dosas and a few Indian fusion dishes. Desi Bar’s butter chicken poutine is fusion at its best. The slightly coated fries were extremely crispy and retained their crunch for some time despite the blanket of butter chicken sauce.  I believe the cheese was either a mozzarella or shredded paneer and it absolutely worked.

1 – Jay Sandwiches of the World (CLOSED)

Korean Beef Kimchi Poutine – Korean

Jay’s Sandwiches of The World is located in a plaza on Bloor St., just west of Cawthra Rd. This place is an absolute gem. The menu has a selection of beef, chicken, pork, breakfast sandwiches, poutine and weekly specials. Jay’s newest dish (and maybe his best) is the Korean beef kimchi poutine. Let me tell you, I have eaten a lot of poutine in my day and the flavours in this dish are incredible. I never thought that Korean beef, kimchi, cheese, bugogi sauce, green onions, sesame seeds, lime chili aioli,  fries and gravy would work, but it absolutely does and it’s one of the best poutine I have ever had. 



  1. Jay's Sandwiches of the World (CLOSED)
  2. Desi Bar & Grill
  3. Pita & Grill
  4. Colossus Greek Taverna
  5. Sugar Marmalade
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