Top 5 Croissants in Mississauga


A great croissant for breakfast should perfectly balance a flaky, buttery, crisp, and light pastry. From bakeries to cafe's, you can get a taste of the City of Lights right here in Mississauga. Over the years, the classic Paris pastry—the croissant—has evolved to include an infinite combination of ingredients, styles, and flavours. Whether you love the classic croissant, pains au chocolat (chocolate croissant), almond, or ham and cheese, there is nothing like the taste of a freshly made quality croissant.

Here are the top five croissants in Mississauga:

5) La Villa Bakery & Cafe

La Villa Bakery is a family-run establishment located in the Port Credit area. It is a full-service bakery and cafe that offers homemade, authentic Italian cuisine. The pastries are made with fresh eggs, milk, and high-quality ingredients. La Villa offers five types of croissants (Nutella, chocolate, broccoli & cheese, ham & cheese, and bacon & cheese). The broccoli and cheese is a great breakfast or lunch option. With shredded bits of broccoli and a savory cheese filling, it's "almost" healthy.

4) Le Delice Pastry Shop

An expert in the world of pastries, cakes, croissants, tarts, and chunky chicken pies. Le Delice is a well-known pastry shop of over 27 years. With experience on their side, they offer five types of croissants (chocolate, swiss cheese, ham and cheddar, almond, and croissant du jour). Each day of the week, Le Delice features the croissant of the day. Unfortunately, the spinach-feta was sold out before 10 a.m. The croissant du jour was a tie for first, and the honey-glazed Nutella-filling croissant was flavourful and scrumptious with every bite.

3) Lazar Bakery

If you're looking for a place to grab coffee and lunch, Lazar is a great option. With a sit-down coffee area and a buffet-style pick your own pastries spot, it is the perfect place to enjoy a cappuccino, sandwich, or croissant. Lazar offers unique choices for croissants that are rarely seen in other bakery-cafes. From your basic ham and cheese, chocolate, and plain croissant, Lazar also features a strawberry filling croissant, egg cream, apple, cheese, and coconut Pico. The strawberry croissant was sweet, flaky, crispy, and fresh. It is slightly less buttery than your average croissant but it was light and delicious.

2) French Corner Patisserie

The French Corner Patisserie puts a twist in your average plain croissant. Upon ordering, I couldn't help but look over to see the mass amounts of sugary, fruity, and delicious treats of cinnamon buns, fruit tarts, macarons, and hearty sandwiches. French Corner offers five different croissants (almond, chocolate, butter, chocolate-hazelnut, and spinach-feta). Each pastry is freshly baked the day of. The almond croissant had a perfect blend of a flaky-crunchy texture with a creme filling. There was no shortage of almonds on this croissant, although messy but very delicious.

1) Lisboa Bakery and Deli

Could this be the best custard-croissant place in Mississauga? I think so. Lisboa is a small bakery located near Mavis and Derry. With an array of desserts, treats, and baked goods Lisboa does provide a catering and take-out menu for lunch and dinner. The four types of croissants they offer include an egg creme custard, vanilla custard, chocolate-Nutella, and plain. The vanilla custard compared to other croissants are large and are perfect to share. The custard can be described as very sweet, extra creamy, and light. The croissant topped with almonds and a sprinkling of powdered sugar was heavenly.

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