Top 5 Croissants in Brampton

Published January 20, 2018 at 4:42 am

Flaky, buttery, crisp, and light, croissants are a great snack or breakfast item. The classic Paris pastry—the croissant—has evolved to include an infinite combination of ingredients, styles, and flavours. Whether you love the classic croissant, pains au chocolat (chocolate croissant), almond, or cheese, you can get them all here in good ol’ Btown.

Here are the top five croissants in Brampton:

5) Traditional Taste Tucked into a plaza at Queen and McLaughlin, Traditional Taste is a classic bakery and cafe in Brampton that you have to visit, if not for their incredible custard tarts, then for their croissants! The classic butter croissant at Traditonal Taste is big, fluffy, and sweet. That’s right, the dough has a pleasant sweetness to it that goes well with a cup of black coffee (if you roll that way). You can also make your croissant into a breakfast croissant with some deli meat and cheese here, and enjoy it in the small cafe area with plenty of light shining through the windows. A great croissant to start the day with.

4) The GraineryIf you’ve never picked up a loaf of bread from the Grainery, go now! This fresh bakery is located on Kennedy and Stratford, and the big burgundy sign is hard to miss. Inside, you’ll find soup, cookies, bread, brownies, and everything cozy, so, naturally, they have some incredible butter croissants. You can pick up some mini butter croissants for just a few loonies (three for $1 when I went!), or a larger size croissants — clearly there are some size options here. The butter croissants are moist and easy to tear apart…and they will melt in your mouth. Best with a cup of sweet tea or some classic OJ. Delicious!

3) Nova Grill & BakeryOne of my favourite spots in Brampton for the ample seating space, central location, and plethora of good food, Nova Grill is located near Main and Theatre Lane. Here, you can get a croissant that is loaded with chocolate, and icing sugar! There’s an incredible amount of chocolate filling on the inside of the croissant, which is also drizzled with chocolate and this place doesn’t skimp on the sugar. The croissant itself is flaky and buttery at the same time, and all in all, the combination of ingredients works extremely well. The cashier might have called me impatient for wanting to pay for my croissants before eating them — but one thing’s for sure — I will be back for these chocolate croissants regardless! 

2) Lisboa Bakery & DeliHidden in an industrial area on Clarence Street, Lisboa’s Brampton location (they have a larger one in Mississauga) is easy to miss, but when you find it, you’ll be back for more. I tried the butter croissant and the cheese croissant at Lisboa, and let me tell you, the cheese croissant took the cake. Both croissants were flaky and light, but the extra layer of cheese won me over. The croissants here are also massive, so they’re great for breakfast. Overall, a solid quality, fresh croissant. I hear that Lisboa also has custard croissants that are pretty magical.

1) EuromaxWho knew that the best croissants in Brampton would actually be at a grocery store? Independent Polish grocer Euromax  has two locations in Brampton — one on Polonia near a Polish church, and one on Bovaird and Gillingham. I went to the Euromax location on Polonia and picked up three mini chocolate croissants for a dollar, and a delectable butter croissant. The chocolate croissants were the stars here — the chocolate is expertly woven into the croissants, and it’s not too sweet. With a unique flavour and an ideal texture, you need to try them, and they were just $1 for three. The butter croissant was its own star, though, buttery, flaky, soft, and light, all at the same time. Just thinking about these croissants makes me hungry! 

  1. EuroMax Karpaty Fine Foods
  2. Lisboa Bakery & Deli
  3. Nova Grill & Bakery
  4. Grainery Bakery & Deli
  5. Traditional Taste Bakery & Cafe
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