Top 5 Crazy Butter Chicken Dishes in Brampton

Published February 8, 2019 at 4:07 am

I don’t recall a time in which somebody ever told me they didn’t like butter chicken. With its creamy texture, the pop of heat and the heart and soul that goes into a dish like that, you cannot go wrong. In Brampton, there is definitely no shortage of restaurants that carry this traditional Indian dish, but there are also quite a few places offering up their own distinctive versions that are pretty impressive.

Here are Brampton’s top five places to find your favorite Indian dish:

5) Poutine: Dare to be Fresh

Poutines are great, butter chicken is great–so why not put them together? Well that’s what downtown Brampton’s very own Poutine Dare To Be Fresh spot did. They serve up their traditional poutine with cheese curds and gravy along with pulled chicken and their version of butter chicken sauce. It’s quite obviously an odd combination, so the flavours created are pretty unconventional. Nonetheless, the dish hits the spot if you’re looking for a poutine with some heat to go with it. Located near John Street and Main Street, if you’re a fan of butter chicken (and you probably are) swing by and give it a try!

4) J. Red & Co

Butter. Chicken. Nachos. Have I said enough? This reasonably priced $16 plate of butter chicken nachos is piled high with crisp corn tortillas, and topped with butter chicken, green onions, roasted garlic sour cream, diced tomatoes and shredded mozzarella. The butter chicken sauce itself is flavourful with a kick to it, creamy like it should be, and goes surprisingly well with all of the other nacho toppings, and the chicken is pretty tender. My only wish was that the dish had even more butter chicken on it! I could eat it by the spoonful…or the chipful.

3) Crown and Lion Pub

A whole lot of British pubs are starting to bring Indian dishes such as chicken curry onto their menus, which definitely adds a much appreciated level of spice. The Crown and Lion pub, located on Financial and Steeles, takes it another step and includes a great butter chicken dish on their menu. It’s not necessarily a unique take on the traditional butter chicken dish, but finding butter chicken at a pub in Brampton is pretty interesting. The dish itself is comprised of a plate of basmati rice topped with their butter chicken and accompanied by a few pieces of naan bread. The butter chicken isn’t too spicy, in fact, its flavors include hints of sweetness, but I’m definitely not mad at it! The dish comes with an awesome mango chutney that complements the sweet and savory essence of the dish. Found at Financial and Steeles, if you’re looking for something different but not too different, then Crown and Lion is the place to go.

2) Pizza Point

The second I opened up the pizza box, I was convinced that Pizza Point had gotten my order wrong since it looks like a standard pizza with grilled chicken and assorted vegetable toppings. It was when I took the first bite that I came to realize that the butter chicken flavor is all in the sauce base. It’s a pretty crazy flavor experience, since you don’t see the classic vibrant butter chicken colours but that mouthwatering taste is most definitely in there. So whatever a butter chicken pizza should taste like, Pizza Point got it right and it’s about time you place your order!

1) The Pie Guyz

Clearly this list has a lot of distinctive takes on butter chicken but my favorite by far had to be the butter chicken pie that I had from The Pie Guyz. Located at Torbram and Northpark, The Pie Guyz make a variety of different meat pies and vegetarian pies and even some sweet pies. When I ordered the butter chicken pie I was told it was their top selling pie and once I tasted it, I could totally understand why. I am a sucker for spicy food and especially for my butter chicken and The Pie Guyz hits it home with the high level of heat they have going on in their pie. It’s not one of the creamier versions of butter chicken, but it makes sense that way since it is, after all, in a pie! Their butter chicken also did not suffer from lack of seasoning or even over seasoning, making it the perfect balance of flavors. To top it all off (literally) was the flakey pie crust which makes the butter chicken experience incomparable to just having it with rice or naan. A butter chicken pie is far from usual but it works in more way than you could imagine!

  1. The Pie Guyz
  2. Pizza Point
  3. The Crown and the Lion
  4. Sul Irmao’s Smokehouse
  5. Poutine Dare To Be Fresh
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