Top 5 cookies in Mississauga 2021


Published April 13, 2021 at 6:53 pm


Who doesn’t love cookies? Whether you prefer your cookie crunchy, soft and gooey or decadent and rich, Mississauga has some promising spots that deliver exactly what you’re craving. There are so many flavours to choose from and lately, shops are stepping up their cookie game with combinations that you’ve never heard of in a cookie. These were all delivered straight to our door.

Here are the top 5 cookie spots in Mississauga:

5) The Cookie Lab

If you’re ever in the middle of binging Netflix and have a sudden cookie craving, you can easily have cookies delivered right to your door from The Cookie Lab. This shop is located in Aunty’s Kitchen and serves up fresh, homemade cookies. There are so many options, such as cookie dough cookies which is cookie dough cheesecake baked into the cookie, caramel pecan, apple crumble cheesecake as well as the classic chocolate chip. We tried the classic cheesecake cookie and were pleasantly surprised. It was super moist and fresh and the scent alone was enough to have us rip through the bag as the cookie monster would do.

4) Aroma Espresso Bar

If you miss sitting in a cafe, sipping on lattes and snacking on cookies, you can have the entire experience right at home with Aroma’s crunchy cookies. These cookies pair perfectly with coffee and will take you back to the days of sipping and snacking at your local coffee shop. We tried a variety from here: the iconic black and white cookie which is an irresistibly rich and chocolatey brownie-like cookie topped with icing sugar and baked to perfection. We also tried Alfajores which is a traditional South American treat. The cookie contained a velvety dulce de leche sandwiched between two crumbly shortbread cookies that’s been dusted with shredded coconut and icing sugar. We also tried the classic chocolate chip and an almond cookie which paired perfectly with a hot cup of coffee.

3) Little Rose Cookie Co.

This cute shop had an assortment of cookies that were gooey and melted in our mouths after just one bite. We tried the biscoff cookie, the rainbow cookie stuffed in a cookie, an oreo stuffed cookie, Nutella stuffed and Mars stuffed. How unbelievably amazing do those sound? This is definitely the spot to check out if you’re in the mood for gourmet cookies and treats for any occasion. Each cookie is still rolled and cut by hand, small-batch baked, and will satisfy your every craving.

2) The Danish Pastry House

This shop is located in Square One and we got to try some unique and dainty cookies. These cookies were paired with tea and an afternoon of binging Rom Coms on Netflix. The perfect Sunday treat. We tried a traditional Nordic cookie with a buttery crust and filled with sweet raspberry jam and crusted with almond slices. We also tried a Danish bakery staple: A delicious raspberry heart-shaped cookie made with shortcrust dough enveloped in white and red icing. Lastly, a delicious raspberry cookie made with shortcrust dough enveloped in white and red icing finished with sprinkles.

1) Dessert Shack

We went with the classic chocolate chip cookie from this shop. These cookies were buttery, creamy and delicious. The aroma of freshly baked cookies filled the kitchen the moment we opened up the box. These cookies were paired with a  tall glass of cold milk. As hard as we tried to fight the temptation, we simply couldn’t indulge in just one cookie. They were so gooey and delicious and not overly sweet. Highly recommend them for anyone who’s in the mood for a classic chocolate chip cookie that’s decadent and irresistible.


  1. Dessert Shack
  2. The Danish Pastry House
  3. Little Rose Cookie Co.
  4. Aroma Espresso Bar
  5. The Cookie Lab
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