Top 5 Churros in Mississauga

Published December 28, 2018 at 4:52 pm


Deep fried and usually crunchy, churros get even the most well-behaved of us all riled up!  Whether they’re traditional sticks or round donuts, coated with sugar or cinnamon, filled or accompanied with dulce de leche, churros tend to be a bonafide crowd pleaser.

Mississauga is home to a variety of churro hotspots, and while it’s tough of find a bad churro, here are some of the top 5 churros in the city:

5) El Mariachi Tacos and Churros

My guess is that you aren’t surprised to see this restaurant on the list, after all, churros are literally part of their name. Their churros are crunchy and come in sets of four. Aside from the traditional churro, patrons can also choose from some interesting options such as oreo, strawberry, or apple! Feel free to get creative with your dessert by mixing and matching.

4) Antojitos

Have you had a donut shaped churro before? This little Colombian restaurant on Lakeshore Road makes some pretty good ones! Rather than having a filling in the centre, the churros from Antojitos have dulce de leche within the ring itself; a bit like an onion ring. Instead of a crunchy exterior, they are soft, and instead of skinny, they are quite large, thick, and ‘doughy.’ While this caught me off guard at first, I have to admit; it was delicious. These can run out pretty quickly, so I’d advise calling ahead.

3) Latin Super Chicken

And super churro apparently! While each churro is about $3, there is a reason it’s so high on this list. They make a traditionally crunchy churro, but cut a long, length-wise slit which is filled with a phenomenal dulce de leche. The taste is just delightful, and the dulce de leche doesn’t overpower you with sweetness. This one is a little pricey, but definitely worth it!

2) Border MX

Streetsville seems to be home to a few churros hot spots in Mississauga, but simply put, the churros here are traditional and delicious! Crispy and crunchy deep fried goodness with a dulce de leche on the side and service with a smile.  To go a step further, compliment your dessert with a Colombian coffee. The sugar from the churros and dulce de leche make it a fantastic one-two punch.

1) The Wilcox Gastropub

In most cases, churros are dipped into a sauce of some kind. In other cases, churros can be filled with such sauces. In a select few cases, such as The Wilcox Gastropub, churros can be served to you already drenched and presoaked in a sauce before arriving at your table. Despite being soaked in a lukewarm sauce, these churros still retain their crisp which can attest to how quickly the chefs and staff get this item from the kitchen to your table. I can only imagine how many churros these mastermind chefs went through in order to perfect this process, but I’m truly glad they did! While it may not be a traditional churro, the Wilcox does make a truly delicious one.

Other Churro Hot Spots in Mississauga:

-Las Delicias
-El Jefe
-Senor Burrito

  1. The Wilcox Gastropub
  2. Border MX Streetsville
  3. Latin Super Chicken
  4. Antojitos
  5. El Mariachi Tacos and Churros
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