Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Mississauga


Published April 8, 2015 at 6:52 pm


These are not the Chinese restaurants you stroll into after a club or for a quick takeout lunch. These are the Chinese restaurants you enjoy with family and close friends. The kind of restaurants you frequent when there’s a special occasion to celebrate. 

Here are the top five Chinese restaurants in Mississauga:

5 – Golden Fountain Chinese Restaurant

Golden Fountain, a spacious, traditionally decorated Chinese restaurants on Eglinton near Creditview, is a popular dim sum destination. Located in a busy plaza, the restaurant draws a loyal crowd — so expect to wait 20+ minutes for a table if you show up any time after 11 am.  As far as dim sum goes, the offerings are pretty standard (but also reliably delicious). The resto boasts har gow, radish cakes, seafood, steamed noodle dishes, pork and chicken buns, fried shrimp and more. While the food is undeniably tasty, Golden Fountain sets itself apart with its service. It’s no secret that a dim sum outing can be an impersonal experience defined by fast-moving servers struggling to push heavy carts through throngs of hungry diners. While the servers still have to steer carts through tightly packed tables, they take the time to stop by every table and explain the dishes — which is excellent for non-Cantonese speaking diners or anyone new to dim sum. The staff is also quick to bring checks and refill tea. All in all, it’s a bustling joint that promises good food and, as a pleasant bonus, exceptional service.

Dim Sum: Yes
Price Range for main dishes: $10.00 to $23.00 

4 – Bliss Chinese Cuisine

Streetsville is home to a new modern fine-dining Chinese establishment called Bliss Chinese Cuisine that specializes in Chinese seafood, dim sum and BBQ. The expansive restaurant boasts an open concept design with high ceilings and natural sunlight that brightens the space during the dim sum lunch rush. There is a fireplace near the front windows and a private VIP room that seats 30 people. The restaurant is also designed to accommodate corporate conferences and can seat 60 people in the back portion of the facility. The area is equipped with a projector and screen and can also be partitioned off for privacy. The restaurant has a fresh water tank that is home to the seafood you will find on the menu and a BBQ display case that features all the cuts of meat that are barbequed in house. Some of the signaturedishes includeking lobster, Vancouver crab, Alaska king crab, live green bass, suckling pig and Peking duck.

Dim Sum: Yes
Price Range for main dishes: $10.95 to $25.95 

3 – Summit Garden

Summit Garden, located in the Harvey’s strip plaza at Dundas and Winston Churchill, is seemingly renowned from Streetsville to Cooksville and back again. It’s a popular place, so expect to wait on a Saturday or Sunday. It’s also known for its stunning interior, as it is a popular spot for banquets and parties. Spacious, with a stage-esque platform at the far end, Summit Garden looks rich and decadent — foregoing cutesy cat statues in favour of pot lights and wood paneling. Diners can also expect a traditional dim sum experience, with carts circling the well-spaced tables. As for the edible fare, the selection is good and the quality top-notch. The egg paste bun – a guilty pleasure of mine – is perfectly decadent. 

Dim Sum: Yes
Price Range for main dishes: $10.95 to $23.00

2 – Emerald Chinese Restaurant

Emerald Chinese Restaurant has a lot going for it. The selection is wonderful, the servers are helpful, the space is plentiful and the location perfect (if not a little confusing, but more on that later). Almost always packed on weekends, Emerald is popular for a reason. Once you realize you need to enter the Eglinton building from Hurontario, it’s easy enough to find. You won’t have trouble finding a parking spot, and with the resto located at a major intersection just steps away from Square One, you can easily make your way there by bus. The carts are constantly coming, and you can choose from a wide selection of steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried and congee dishes. The lotus leaf-wrapped sticky rice is exceptional, with massive, flavourful chunks of sausage embedded in the starchy treat. The interior is that of a classic Chinese restaurant, complete with colourful dragons and hanging lanterns.

Dim Sum: Yes
Price Range for main dishes: $10.95 – $48.95 

1 – Blue Lagoon Seafood Master

Located at the Chinese Centre on Dundas Street is Blue Lagoon Seafood Master (you gotta love that name!), a higher-end Chinese food and dim sum restaurant. As you walk in, you are greeted by a wall full of sea creatures that are at your disposal to eat fresh. You will see everything from huge Alaskan king crabs to lobsters to eel to fresh fish swimming in blue tanks. This place is absolutely massive and can easily seat 250 people. There are four huge projection screens that were teaching diners how to properly cook Chinese food. We tried the set dinner for two which came with braised blue lagoon soup, eel that was freshly skinned for us minutes before, deep-fried lobster Hong Kong-style, oysters, lobster soup, fish soup and dessert for $98. Although this dinner was made for two, it could have easily fed three. This place is a bit on the pricey side, but the food is very high quality and flavourful. The dim sum is costly as well, but the menu items are a little higher-end. As you can tell by the name, this place does specialize in seafood but does have some traditional non-seafood dishes like Peking duck and sweet and sour pork. 

Dim Sum: Yes
Price Range for main dishes: $13.00 to $45/lb for geoduck


What’s the best Chinese restaurant in Mississauga?



  1. Blue Lagoon Seafood Master
  2. Emerald Chinese Restaurant
  3. Summit Garden Chinese
  4. Bliss Chinese Cuisine
  5. Golden Fountain Chinese Restaurant
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