Top 5 Chicken Wing Spots in Brampton

Published January 23, 2017 at 2:42 am

Has there ever existed a moment in which chicken wings don’t seem like the best possible food option? Not in my books.

It’s important to realize that Brampton offers up some of the most mouthwatering spots for wings and they’re all home grown.

Forget those chain spots, they have nothing on our list of top spots for wings in Brampton.

5) Louisiana Seafood and Steakhouse 

Ordering a pound of wings might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you walk into Louisiana’s. Some might even question their placement on this list, considering it is most well known for seafood–but their wings were appetizing enough to convince me. The wings were smaller than what some might be used to but I don’t consider that a downfall, it just makes them easier to eat and enjoy. Even with the small size, Louisiana’s does not cut you short, serving around 12 in their pound (which makes up for the size). Their flavors were more mild, offering a sweet note to the wings. The restaurant, which can be found at Hurontario and Steeles, does offer more of a tame dining room atmosphere, nonetheless their actual wings proved to be a great competition for some bars.

4) Magnum’s Bar and Eatery

Located on McMurchy not far off from Queen, the wings at this spot will have you wishing you had stumbled upon them before. Magnum’s is an attractive little bar, somewhere you might take a date and actually order wings without fear since their sauce doesn’t get overwhelmingly messy. If you order them hot, the wings offer a nice little kick that will definitely have you grabbing a relieving sip from the nearest beverage. The wings here were pretty ideal; large in size and every bite was a crispy one. Most importantly though, I have to reiterate the size of these wings, they were no joke. Make sure to bring your appetite because after having one wing, you’re going to want to finish the rest.

3) Crown and Lion English Pub

This charming English pub can be found on the border of Brampton at Financial and Steeles. If you’re a lover of hot wings, you’ve come to the right place. If I order hot wings, I generally like to know that there is more than an adequate amount of hot sauce to fulfill my need for spice and Crown’s wings definitely deliver on that. On the topic of sauce, the kitchen staff knew how to apply it. The sauce wasn’t irresponsibly smothered, rather there seemed to be an equal distribution of sauce on each wing. It might sound a little technical, but there is a reason Crown and Lion is on the list for Brampton’s best wings.

2) Oscar’s Roadhouse

Oscar’s is one of those places that you probably drove past a million times, but now you might want to start taking some notice. Not too far from Bramalea City Centre at Queen and Bramalea, Oscar’s gives off quite the southern vibe. Even more inviting than the southern comfort was the way these wings were presented. I ordered a standard pound of wings which was accompanied by the obligatory celery sticks and carrots, but what really grabbed my attention was the fries that also came out as a side. What’s better than having some fries to dip in the leftover sauce? Bringing it back to the wings though, Oscar’s does not skip out on breading and thankfully they have the right ratio of breading to meat, so you’re not being cheated. Their sauce was also done right. I ordered their hot wings and they were just the right amount of hot so that the flavour didn’t get lost in the spice.

1) Food Fight Barbecue Bar

Food Fight is located in the Maritime Ontario Blvd. plaza at Airport and Queen, and it’s relatively new in the Brampton food scene, but their wings are delicious and filling. The honey garlic sauce is the perfect ratio of honey to garlic — it’s not too sweet or too garlicky, a mistake that some chicken wings spots can make with their honey garlic. You can tell these wings are fresh when you tear into one — that might be because Food Fight smokes their meat all night over whole chunks of naturally procured wood, according to their website. There was a good amount of meat on these wings, too, and served with a cooling few pieces of carrots and celery, these wings are great for a protein-filled snack or a light meal. You can order a half or a full pound depending on how many wings you wanted. Pictured below is a 10-piece, or a whole pound.

  1. Food Fight Barbecue Bar
  2. Oscar’s Roadhouse
  3. The Crown and the Lion
  4. Magnums Pub
  5. Louisiana Seafood and Steakhouse
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