Top 5 Cheesecake in Mississauga

Published April 22, 2017 at 4:35 am


Cheesecake is one of the most popular desserts on any sweet menu. The rich, smooth, and creamy texture is what makes you go for a second helping. With flavours such as chocolate raspberry, caramel-pecan, peanut butter, and key lime, there are endless varieties to soothe your sweet cravings. It will send your taste buds into overdrive and allow you to experience what real dessert tastes like.

Here are the top five cheesecakes in Mississauga.

5) Rib Eye Jack’s Ale House

If you enjoy classic old Hollywood, Rib Eye Jack’s décor is made up with photographs of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly. As a fan of Marilyn Monroe, the owner has a private dining room called “the Marilyn Monroe.” From top to bottom, pictures of Marilyn cover the entire room. He even suggested taking a walk to the washroom to see scattered pictures of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn. Aside from the unique décor, Rib Eye reminds me of a Jack Astor’s with a great selection of craft beer, steaks, ribs, and fish tacos.

Cheesecake to try:
Bing cherry cheesecake: New York cheesecake, house made Bing cherry compote & whip cream ($7.21)

4) Kate’s Town Talk Bakery

The corner of Queen St. and Main is a local favourite in the village of Streetsville. Kate’s butter tarts, cookies, cakes, and fruit pies are baked daily. If you’re looking for a special dessert for a birthday, baby shower, anniversary, or wedding, Kate’s bakery offers catering and customized desserts to satisfy. Usually cheesecake desserts range from $5.00 to $12.00 depending on the restaurant. Surprisingly, Kate’s cheesecake is only $3.68, but the quality is superior to many cheesecake’s out there.

Cheesecake to try:
Raspberry brownie ($3.68)

3) Saucy

Established in 2000, Saucy is a family-run restaurant located in Streetsville. When you walk in, there is a clear separation from fine-dining to the sports bar/lounge area. It provides delicious appetizers, entrees, and desserts to suit any type of celebration. From pasta to pizza dishes the dessert is quite exceptional. The white chocolate Skor candy bar cheesecake is overwhelmingly delicious. The small bite-sized Skor chocolates sit on top of the cheesecake with a hot drizzle of chocolate sauce to make your mouth water with every bite.

Cheesecake to try:
White Chocolate Skor candy bar cheesecake with a side of strawberries and ice-cream ($9.00)

2) Bobby’s Hideaway

A nice and colourful place for the family is Bobby’s Hideaway in Streetsville. With dishes like the 1/2 pounder, Big Bobby, Weekender, and Steak & Eggs, you can count on Bobby’s Hideaway to offer meaty, full-sized breakfast meals that are rich in protein along with all the heavy carbohydrates to match it. But did you know Bobby’s also offers two delicious chocolate and vanilla cheesecakes? Their cheesecake comes in a small mason jar with whip cream, perfect to share for two people.

Cheesecake to try:
Chocolate cheesecake ($5.50)

1) Bliss Dessert Café & Bistro

Bliss Dessert Café & Bistro is cheesecake heaven with eight unique flavours. Open until 2 am on weekends, Bliss offers unique combinations of cakes, floats, smoothies, and milkshakes. Some of the most popular cheesecakes include Godiva double chocolate, carrot caramel, red-velvet, and peanut-butter fudge brownie cheesecake. Each cheesecake is made to order with the freshest ingredients. Bliss’ drives its inspiration and creativity from the Cheesecake Factory in Buffalo, New York.

Cheesecake to try:
Carrot caramel
Served with a side of ice cream, carrot caramel is filled with chunks of moist and crunchy carrot cake with a heavy drizzle of caramel ($11.25)

  1. Cha Me. Cha
  2. Bobby's Hideaway
  3. Saucy
  4. Kate's Town Talk Bakery
  5. Rib Eye Jack's Ale House (CLOSED)
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