Top 5 Cheat Meals in Brampton

Published March 20, 2017 at 7:10 pm

Is there a greater feeling than biting into something you’ve been avoiding because you’re trying to get into shape? There’s nothing like a cheat meal that satisfies a craving you’ve been thinking about while trying to get past your last set of squats.

Whether it’s once a week or if you’re really disciplined, once a month, saving up for a chance to indulge is only superseded by that first delicious bite. From a hint of ‘breakfast for dinner’ to the biggest sandwich you’ll lay eyes on locally, here are the top 5 cheat meals in Brampton.

5) Gusto Pizzaria

Pizza will always satisfy a craving but when you throw on toppings like these, it’s a whole new ball game. This family-run pizzeria in the heart of downtown Brampton has mastered the art of pizza-making. As soon as you walk in through the front door you’ll see the chef in the kitchen and the smell of the dough and tomato sauce has your mouth watering, anxious for the meal. This pizza (with meat on meat on meat on meat!) was baked to perfection, and one bite in, you suddenly forget about the bigger chains. If you’re looking for a pizza fix – whether it’s one slice or enough to feed your whole crew – Gusto is the place to go.

What to try: Personal pizza topped with bacon, pepperoni, prosciutto, hot salami, bocconcini, and black olives – $15.50

4) Food Fight Barbecue Bar

From pork spare ribs and beef brisket, to homemade sausages and fried chicken, to spicy mac and cheese and poutine, the brand new casual resto has some indulgent menu items all set for customers. They boast dine-in, take-out, and delivery, so if you want to try their food, you don’t even need to leave your house. “We smoke our meat all night over whole chunks of naturally procured wood,” says the resto. All of their meat and produce is sourced from Ontario, so you can be glad to know you’re eating local, and everything is indulgent and set for a cheat meal at this Maritime Ontario Blvd. hotspot for meat and more. With a chill vibe, kind and helpful staff, and delicious food, Food Fight has won our foodie hearts. You can make a pretty epic combination of items that will satisfy all of your bloat-worthy cravings here…and get in some protein to boot! 

What to try: Full rack of ribs – $24.95, Crispy chicken sandwich – $8.95, Onion rings – $4.50

3) Poutine Dare to Be Fresh

It’s cheesy, flavourful, and filling. And most importantly, poutine made with real products. Diners who eat here consistently wind up happy with their decision to order a creative dish. The bacon double cheeseburger was massive and seemed like it was never going to end. The deeper you got into the dish, the more flavour there was. The juices from the bacon seeped into the different layers of the poutine, which included double-cheese, beef, and some delicious gravy. Although the poutine was filling, the flavour made it really hard to put the fork down and stop eating. No wonder this establishment has done so well for itself. It’s a must-visit.

What to try: Bacon double cheeseburger – $13.99

2) Briskit

Drive slowly or you might miss it – Briskit is located near Dixie and Advance, in an industrial area on Wilkinson Road. Briskit boasts the best gourmet slow cooked sandwiches in Brampton, so be sure to carve out some time on your lunch hour to wait for your sandwich, and you won’t regret it. This mom and pop shop serves up a range of sandwiches, from their traditional beef brisket that’s marinated for 24 hours in a five-spice recipe and gets slow-cooked in a sweet and savoury sauce, to an epic chicken po’boy complete with fried chicken, fries, and bacon in a burger bun, to a three-cheese, cheese crunch sandwich that will leave you in the best kind of cheese coma, and more. Also noteworthy is definitely the poutine here, which you can also get topped with briskit, or with chicken curry or even taco chilli. If you’re looking for a fast food-style lunch that’s not so fast, and probably the most hidden food joint on this list, Briskit is your spot – delicious! 

A note that Briskit is closed on weekends, and open weekdays from 8 a.m.-4 p.m

What to try: Po’Boy Chicken combo – $12.50, Briskit Philly Melt combo – $11.50 

1) J. Red & Co.

When the whole fad of chicken and waffles surfaced I can admit I wasn’t a fan. But like your parents tell you when you’re growing up, you’ll never know how it is until you try it. After having it, I can admit it’s pretty good. The size of the meal is massive. Toothpicks hold the never-ending layers of chicken and waffles together as they’re stacked one on top of the other. The chicken is breaded and cooked to perfection: crispy on the outside, tender on the inside while carrying some spicy kick with it. The waffles are made soft, so they complement the crispy chicken. On the side, you’ll find some real maple syrup, which I recommend you throw on to give you a sweet and spicy finish. The lobster mac and cheese goes well with this. It adds some extra flavour to your meal. It’s a small size but when you ask for lobster, they deliver with big, noticeable chunks. You’ll also see it’s somewhat breaded and has red peppers in it as well. Our waitress said it perfectly — this place just finds ways to throw different foods together, and it’s working in their favour.

What to try: Chicken and Waffles – $21, Side of lobster mac and cheese – $6

  1. J Red & Co
  2. Briskit Gourmet Slow Cooked Sandwiches
  3. Poutine Dare To Be Fresh
  4. Food Fight Barbecue Bar
  5. Gusto Pizzaria
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