Top 5 Cheap Pizza Slices in Brampton

Published May 26, 2017 at 9:01 pm

Let’s face it – Bramptonians love cheap food, and cheap pizza slices are a staple in our diets. Whether you’re in a rush and you need a quick lunch, you’re grabbing a few slices for dinner, or you’re just craving something greasy, cheap pizza is a go-to.

There are an abundance of cheap pizza joints in Brampton, ones that cover quality taste at ridiculously cheap prices. All of the pizza joints that made this list have slices for under $4 in Brampton. That’s right, you can get a decent slice of pizza in Brampton without even breaking a bill.

Here the top five places to get cheap pizza slices in Brampton.

5) Moga’s Pizza

Moga’s at Chinguacousy and Charolais has some amazingly cheap pizza that’s solid on the tastebuds, too. They have a few options when you get a slice, including veggie slices with standard tomatoes, green peppers, and onions, cheese slices with loads of melty cheese, and pepperoni slices with a good amount of meat on them. Their crispy slices are adequately sized for their prices, but if you’re really hungry you might want to grab two. Their slices are $2.75 for veggie and $2.50 for cheese or pepperoni.

4) Popular Pizza

This chain started in Brampton and has locations in Brampton at McLaughlin and Ray Lawson, Williams Parkway and Mississauga Road, and Bovaird and Chinguacousy to name a few. Their pizza slices are the cheapest on this list, and also the smallest, likely for that reason. If you’re looking for a quick bite and you’re not ravenous, Popular Pizza has slices for under $2! Their cheese and pepperoni slices are $1.50, and they have a variety of options for slices like deluxe, chicken, hawaiian, meat lovers, and veggie, all for $1.75 each.


3) City South Pizza

This small franchise has a few locations in Brampton, at Hurontario and Ray Lawson, Bovaird and Chinguacousy, and Flowertown and Major William Sharpe. Their pizza had the most value on this list. For $4, you get a massive slice of pizza that’s so big they have to cut it into two slices for you so it’s manageable, and a free can of pop. Their pizza is crispy, flavourful, and definitely filling.

2) Pizza Point

Pizza Point is tucked into a plaza at Queen and Major William Sharpe, and they have the most unique pizza slice on this list. Sure, they have your typical veggie slices, cheese slices, and pepperoni slices, but then they also have tandoori chicken pizza slices ready to go! Pizza point is also super cheap, with all of their slices priced at $2, and a special for two cheese or pepperoni slices for $3. Their slices are cheesy, and their tandoori chicken pizza has a nice kick of flavour.


1) Mackay Pizza

Mackay has two locations in Brampton, one at Mackay and North Park, and one near Main and Bovaird, hidden on Gillingham. There’s ample seating space, they also sell subs and jamaican patties, and they have the best tasting cheap pizza on this list. I had a slice with green peppers and mushrooms, and it was loaded with cheese, toppings, and oregano, with flavours that were not as noticeable at the other pizza joints. If you’re looking for really tasty cheap pizza, Mackay is your spot, for only $2.40 for a cheese or pepperoni slice, or $2.60 for a veggie slice.

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