Top 5 Cheap Pizza in Brampton

Published November 6, 2016 at 4:28 am

We are not talking about authentic, homemade Italian pizza like some nonna from Woodbridge. What I am talking about is the amazing local pizza spots spread throughout this town that offer delicious ‘Za’s at amazing prices. I mean, it’s like the cheap pizza game in Brampton is getting more and more competitive and driving the prices cheaper and cheaper to the point where I saw an XL pizza with five toppings for $8.99! Crazy things are happening in the cheap pizza game and I am here to tell you how to take full advantage! Here are the top five cheap pizza places in Brampton.

5. Moga Pizza

If you are looking for some insanely cheap pizza, this is the spot for you. With daily specials that will feed a family of four for under $10 dollar, you can’t go wrong with the crew at Moga Pizza. Whenever I order from Moga, I ask for ginger, chilies and a thin crust on top of my usual order. It doesn’t cost me anything extra and adds more punch to my pizza than Floyd Mayweather in a Bugatti Varon.

Large pizza price index: $9.49 two toppings

Must Try: Veggie pizza with hot chilies and thin crust.

4. Popular Pizza

This a new chain that originated in Brampton and like the others on the list, offers up amazing specials and specialty pizzas at cheap prices. The first time I hit this place up, I tried the baked fish in spicy masala spices and it was delicious. I started to try the weekly specials and then finally I was turned on to the mother of all specialty pizzas in Btown (and what I think could be Brampton’s signature dish for obvious reasons): the butter chicken pizza!

Large pizza price index: $8.85 one toppings

Must Try: Butter chicken pizza – chicken, butter chicken sauce, onions, and green peppers with cheese…. OMG!

3. 786 Pizza

When I first walked into this location, I knew I would like this place, as the guy behind the counter reminded me of a Guyanese version of my granddad. He’s a great dude and he serves up a great pizza with care. He watched my pizza in the oven to make certain it hit the correct temperature prior to serving it. After having a great conversation about the current political state of Guyana, I got myself an amazing pizza at a very cheap price. P.S. try the wings, as they are killer as well. Way better than most pizza places that offer wings.

Large pizza price index: $7.98 one toppings

Must Try: BBQ chicken pizza with onions and green peppers.

2. Mackay Pizza

This place is a Brampton institution, offering up pizza at great prices ever since your grandma moved to Brampton from Rexdale in the 1970s. With two locations in Brampton, this spot has great pizza at cheap prices and also offers up an added feature that brings in the customers from far and wide: Jamaican patties with your choice of toppings. After you pick up that pizza, I suggest treating yourself to a Jamaican patty topped with tomato, lettuce, cheese and mayo. Man, am I ever getting fat!

Large pizza price index: $10.50 one toppings

Must Try: Hawaiian, which is served with large slices of pepperoni under the cheese instead of ham with pineapple!

1 Bramalea City Pizza

To come out on top of a list with so many fierce competitors is damn hard. In Btown, we love our cheap pizza and don’t care much for nationwide chains. We like our cheap pizza local and delicious and what is more local than Bramalea City pizza? The crust is soft and flavorful with just enough crunch. The toppings come out fresh with the meat tender and the the veggies crisp. The sauce was nice and tangy. . The service here is fantastic as well.

Large pizza price index: $11.99 three toppings and dipping sauce

Must Try: Tandoori Chicken Pizza : Tandoori chicken, green peppers, onions and cheese! AYYYYYYYYEEEEEEE AMAZING

What’s your favourite cheap pizza joint in Brampton?


  1. Bramalea City Pizza
  2. MacKay Pizza & Subs
  3. 786 Pizza & Wings
  4. Popular Pizza
  5. Moga’s Pizza
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