Top 5 Cheap Oyster Nights in Mississauga

Published August 12, 2015 at 9:15 pm


We love oysters in general, but we love cheap oyster nights even more. There’s nothing better than enjoying a dozen or so without breaking the bank. All you oyster lovers can enjoy cheap oyster nights almost every day of the week in Mississauga. Enjoy your affordable delicacy with a side of house-made mignonette, cocktail or non-traditional sauces.

Here’s your top five guide to the best in the Mississauga: 

5 – The Pump House Grille
Malpeque Oysters

The Pump House Grille, also known as The Pump, is a local favourite in the heart of Port Credit with a menu that features everything you can imagine. They offer steaks, butter chicken, wings, lettuce wraps, pasta and burgers. 

Drop into The Pump on hump day (Wednesday) to suck back some cheap molluscs. It’s the only night the resto brings in a shucker to whip through the requests for the evening and the only night you can order oysters at the resto, period. Malpeques are served with a side of the shucker’s own Rasta Sauce(hot), house-made mignonette and a cocktail sauce. Sit near the kitchen window so you can watch the Rasta Sauceman pummel through the orders. 

“Oyster Night”
When: Wednesday 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Cost: Malpeques $1.50 each
Selection Available: Only one – Malpeque oysters
Served On Ice: No
Fresh Shaved Horseradish: Yes

4 – Cagney’s Steakhouse and Wine Bar
Raspberry Point Oysters

Cagney’s is an iconic Mississauga landmark and a Streetsville gem that’s home to their famed signature Caesar Salad. The restaurant underwent a major transformation in 2013 and recently a culinary shift towards steak and seafood. 

Cagney’s serves oysters from Rodney’s Oyster House- a popular Toronto restaurant/wholesaler that offers a huge selection (9 to 26 varieties daily) of oysters and an equally impressive selection of other kinds of seafood. Pop in on Oyster Mondays to try an all-time Cagney’s favourite – Raspberry Points with a side of horse radish sauce, a house-made apple mignonette and a spicy-sweet sauce. 

“Oyster Mondays”
When: All day Monday
Cost: ½ price oysters at $18 per dozen
Selection Available: Currently Raspberry Points from Rodney’s Oyster House. The selection may vary depending on availability or market demand. Oysters are available to order on the regular menu.
Served On Ice: No, but it is served on an interesting salt concoction that adds to the gorgeous plating of the shells.
Fresh Shaved Horseradish: No 

3 – The Wilcox Gastropub
Malpeque Oysters

The Wilcox Gastropub is located in the Wilcox House – one of Mississauga’s oldest  Heritage Homes which features Greek and Gothic detailing and was built by Amos and Charles Wilcox in 1850.  

Executive chef Humberto Sanchez is the creative talent behind the menu (and he was also a contestant on Chopped Canada!). The from-scratch menu changes seasonally and features everything from pulled pork poutine to veal bone marrow and ceviche to braised short ribs and more. Everything from the sauces to the bread is made in-house and the bread is baked every morning. The drink menu includes a good selection of craft beers and wine.  

Slurp back some of Rodney’s Malpeques every Tuesday and Wednesday with the resto’s signature house-made apple and shallot mignonette and London Dry Gin cocktail sauce. These are also the only nights The Wilcox has oysters on the menu.

When: Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting at 5:00 pm
Cost: $1 per oyster
Selection Available: Currently Malpeques from Rodney’s Oyster House. The selection may change depending on availability or market demand.
Served On Ice: Yes
Fresh Shaved Horseradish: No

2 – Lucy’s Seafood
Malpeque Oysters

Lucy’s Seafood Kitchen has been a Mississauga favourite for over ten years, featuring everything from wild caught fish to lobster ravioli to Alaskan king crab to Nova Scotia lobster. It’s a quaint restaurant tucked away in a small plaza along Millcreek Rd. in Meadowvale. It boasts a bar area and a dining room with a non-invasive chef prep station.

Swing by on Thursdays to take advantage of ¢99 oysters (the cheapest in the city), served on ice with house-made cocktail and horseradish sauces. 

 “¢99 Oysters”
When: All day Thursday
Cost: ¢ 99 per oyster
Selection Available: Two varieties of oysters are usually available on the regular menu – Malpeque, Glacier Bay, Blue Point, or Chesapeake (you don’t get to choose on cheap nights).
Served On Ice: Yes
Fresh Shaved Horseradish: No 

1 – Walkers Wine Bar and Grill
Lameque Oysters

Walkers Wine Bar & Grill (formerly known as Walkers Fish Market) is a seafood restaurant popular for its vast fresh seafood menu. The open space is designed to feel like you’re inside the dining room on a luxury yacht, boasting dark woods and stone accents in earthy dark browns and creams. The resto is filled with aquatic-themed pieces, such as dark wood ceiling fans shaped into boat propellers, mini sailboat models and nautical paintings. 

Walkers Wine Bar made it to the top of the list for a few reasons, including quality, condiment selection and service. Despite the fact that there is an oyster limit of 24 per person, Walkers offered the freshest oysters with three house-made condiments — a sweet and spicy sauce, soy sauce blend and a cocktail sauce. The soy sauce blend is an unusual and non-traditional oyster accompaniment that surprisingly pairs incredibly well with raw oysters.

“Oyster Tuesdays”
When: Tuesdays from 3 pm to 6 pm in the lounge
Cost: $1.00 per oyster
Selection Available: Three varieties of oysters are usually available on the regular menu – usually Malpeque, Raspberry Point, Lameque (you don’t get to choose on cheap nights).
Served On Ice: Yes
Fresh Shaved Horseradish: Yes



  1. Walkers Fish Market
  2. Lucy’s Seafood
  3. The Wilcox Gastropub
  4. Cagneys Restaurant and Winebar
  5. Pump House Grille Co.
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