Top 5 Calamari Dishes in Brampton

Published August 12, 2017 at 12:42 am

Calamari is a staple appetizer on any menu, and you’ll find it on several menus in Brampton. Whether it’s fried or it’s grilled, calamari is the perfect appetizer before any meal.

If you like calamari, or you’re looking for a new app to try, one of these places should be next on your list. There are a few places in Brampton that do this simple dish right, and we went on an adventure to find the best of the best calamari dishes.

Here are the top five calamari dishes in Brampton.

5) Fanzorelli’s

This gem in downtown Brampton serves a large portion of grilled calamari drowned in their homemade tomato sauce with some chopped olives throughout, served with lemon to squeeze over your delicious squid rings. Sometimes, grilled calamari comes out tough and too rubbery to cut and chew if it’s done wrong – at Fanzorelli’s, that is far from the case. Their grilled calamari is quite flavorful and tender. Pro tip: dip the fluffy, free bread that comes with your meal into the sauce that’s on the plate of calamari!

4) Canelli’s Italian Eatery

Canelli’s is near Queen and Kennedy, and they’ve been around for almost two decades now. Their food is straightup delicious! In terms of squid, they make a mean calamari fritti – battered and deep fried calamari. This dish is served with two sauces, a creamy chipotle mayo and a tangy seafood sauce, both great compliments to the calamari. The breading is nice and crispy, and the portion is enough for two to four people to munch on before a meal – there’s a lot!

3) Carve on Lot 5

Carve is located near Main and Queen, and they boast a fried calamari with a bruschetta topping – a mix of olives, tomatoes, and onions – served with their house chipotle mayo. The bruschetta topping goes well with the squid, and the texture of this calamari is on point, too. Dipped in the chipotle mayo, this calamari dish is delicious. When you head to Carve, be sure to grab a seat on their patio and enjoy the hashtag blessed views of downtown b-town – summer’s almost over, people!

2) Bucatini

At Main and Bovaird for almost four years now, Bucatini is a great date night restaurant and they serve good quality Italian dishes. As for their calamari, the squid rings are thick and indulgent, and there are no fancy toppings here, just straight up squid! Bucatini serves their calamari with a house tomato sauce, and together, the calamari and the sauce are a winning combo. Overall, the texture is perfect, the breading is crunchy, and you’ll likely devour the plate in a solid five minutes. 

1) Antica Osteria

Tucked into a corner of a plaza at Mayfield and Hurontario, you won’t find Antica Osteria easily. But that makes the trip to this swanky restaurant even more rewarding when you find it. Antica serves both grilled and fried calamari, but their fried calamari dish is one of their most popular apps, and for good reason. Their squid rings are lightly breaded and the ideal texture for calamari, and they’re served with a homemade tzatziki sauce with extra lime. The portion size is perfect and there’s enough delicious calamari to share. Warning: you may become a calamari snob after you’ve tried it from Antica.

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