Top 5 Cafes in Brampton

Published December 5, 2016 at 7:48 pm

Everyone around B-town knows that Brampton is a go-to place for samosas, doubles and jerk chicken. With the plethora of strong cultural culinary options, it is easy to overlook some of the less spicy spots. That said, Brampton has some excellent options for your morning fix: coffee, of course. If you’re into sipping slowly and savouring the bittersweet aroma of freshly brewed beans, you will be pleased to know that you don’t have to leave Brampton to enjoy a luxurious mug.

Without further ado, here are the top five coffee joints in Brampton:

5) Traditional Taste Bakery & Cafe

Traditional Bakery is the first of two Portuguese establishments to appear on this list. Located at McLaughlin and Queen, this spot is a well known bakery and an ideal place to visit for a quick coffee. While the shop itself isn’t large, it offers some very attractive baked good options – cakes, custard tarts, cream puffs adorned with strawberries, to name a few – and even some prepared food items. The seating arrangements are comfortable and ample, especially compared to the size of the bakery, leaving lots of room to sip your coffee and enjoy your sweet treats. What’s more is the value is exceptional; I spent around seven dollars on a couple of baked goods and a coffee, a deal not easy to find when you’re talking about quality food. If you live in the area and haven’t had the opportunity to visit, I highly recommend giving Traditional Bakery & Cafe a try.

4) Golden Grains Bakery Cafe & Deli Ltd

The aesthetic style of Golden Grains Bakery is definitely basic; that said, the coffee, baked goods and service more than make up for any points lost on ambiance. Home to a well-stocked deli counter, some classic breads, and – of course – a modest espresso bar, Golden Grains is a one-stop shop for many of the necessities of a weekly grocery list. What makes this shop stand out, however, is the cafe element. The vibe is bustling, largely due to the quality baked goods the cafe offers. When visiting, I enjoyed a cappuccino with a chocolate croissant equal to one found in any French bakery. What struck me most about this place was the strong sense of community. Customers were beyond friendly (someone even tried to speak to me in Portuguese), which made it feel really good to be there. Having paid just over six dollars for the whole meal and a couple other sweet treats I was dying to try, I felt as though I had got away a little too easily. If you plan to visit, please remember, Golden Grains is a no-frills location, so be prepared for basics.


3) Steaming Cups Cafe

Steaming Cups just opened near City Hall in place of Fruision in downtown Brampton, and they’re already on our radar! This brand new cafe is ideal for a caffeine craving — you can get a black coffee, a shot of espresso, a creamy cappuccino or latte (helpful hint: try the vanilla latte…so delicious!), or even a solid tea (specialty teas are coming starting February 19!). You can even get freshly baked scones, muffins, or cookies, three different kinds of parfait cups with berries (aka. antioxidants!) for a healthy breakfast choice, three kinds of freshly tossed salads (Canadian bean – hello protein, garden – hello iron, and Cesar – hello cheat salad), bento boxes, fresh veggie and meat wraps and sandwiches, and even fruit and veggie snack cups for when you’re feeling those late afternoon hunger pangs. Check this place out – with kind service and good quality food, you won’t regret it. 

2) Sweet Breeze Cafe

Sweet Breeze Cafe is a small coffee and pastry restaurant on the southwest side of Brampton; it is an amazing hideaway in the midst of an upscale suburban community. The space, though simple, is elegantly dressed, with a distinctly European feel. The interior decor very accurately mimics the options the cafe serves. When you visit the cafe, you will see several meticulously placed desserts behind a glass counter. I must have spent ten minutes marvelling at the pastries before I finally chose one item to compliment my mochachino. It was a cream cake, filled with berries, custard, whipped cream and more; so intricately made, each taste was not easily discernible, but worked together beautifully. The mochachino was a wonderful treat. Being just around the corner from St. Eugene de Mazenod Parish – an impressive and imposing Polish Church on Steels – Sweet Breeze Cafe is definitely worth the drive.

1) That Italian Place Cafe & Eatery

Located just around the corner from Williams Parkway and Torbram, That Italian Place is a very busy spot with an authentic Italian feel. A word of caution to you when you visit: order early or have time to spare. I made the mistake of just popping in at lunch, hoping to quickly get a taste of a stone oven pizza. Unfortunately for me, there was no chance of a fast getaway; the restaurant was completely packed, and for good reason: every item I could feast my eyes on looked absolutely delightful and tempting. Despite a line that spanned the length of the store, the efficient staff made sure that customers’ orders were placed promptly, and within five minutes of my arrival I had my cappuccino and cannoli to go. The coffee was traditional, well made and thoroughly enjoyed, especially with the cannoli. It warmed my heart on a bitter day; next time, I’ll make sure I get a taste of the pizza too.

  1. That Italian Place Cafe & Eatery
  2. House of Cards Board Game Cafe
  3. Sweet Breeze Cafe (CLOSED)
  4. Golden Grains Bakery Cafe and Deli
  5. Traditional Taste Bakery & Cafe
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