Top 5 Caesars in Mississauga

Published October 26, 2016 at 8:23 pm


The Caesar (the drink, not the salad) is a Canadian classic and one of my all-time favorite bar drinks. According to an Ipsos-Reid poll from 2009, the Caesar is actually the most popular cocktail in Canada. For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy one, a standard Caesar contains vodka, Clamato, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and is served with ice and garnished with a stick of celery.

Honestly, this drink is huge. In fact, The Food Network says that Mott’s estimates that more than 350 million Caesars are consumed each year! In an effort to increase those numbers (and enjoy a delicious meal-in-a-glass), here is a list of my Top 5 Caesars in Mississauga.

5. Spice Lounge 

Spice on Lakeshore is known for its Tapas (Spanish style appetizers). It is a cozy space with a good ambiance. The Caesar I ordered came in a high glass with ice and rim spice, no garnish; it was a very standard looking drink. Overall the taste was good and the spice had some kick. I ordered a cheese board on the side and it came garnished with pickled onions and peppers. It was the perfect pairing to the drink.

4) Yorkshire Arms

With an Old English feel, the Yorkshire Arms is a comfortable place to unwind with friends after work. I was somewhat disappointed with the overall service and wait times, however the atmosphere and food made up for it. Upon ordering, the waitress gave me the option to add horseradish and spice, I said yes to both and appreciated being asked. The Caesar was served in a tall glass rimmed with celery spice and garnished with a lemon, lime, and pickle wedge. The Clamato juice was thick, even with a full glass of ice, and the taste was crisp and very spicy.

Union Social 

Union Social had two different Caesars to choose from, their House Caesar or the Cowboy Caesar. I chose the Cowboy which included horseradish. The drink was served in a glass boot and garnished with a lime wedge and bright green stalk of celery. The highlight to this drink was the rim spice, which was crunchy and very flavorful. The Caesar was somewhat watery, had a very mild spice and a slightly “off” taste.


Symposium is located in the heart of Meadowvale and provides a quiet atmosphere for an afternoon drink. The attraction to this restaurant was the weekend Caesar special of $4.00! The drink was served in the standard high glass with a lot of ice. It came garnished with a pickle and olive, my personal favorite. The drink was flavorful with a thick consistency and mild spice.


The Graydon is located in a historic house in Streetsville. Service was fast and friendly and our waitress gave us some information regarding updates to the menu. The Caesar was served in a mason jar and garnished with a spicy pickled bean. This drink was quite spicy with a bold flavour and reminded me of the Caesars I make at home.

  1. Graydon Bar and Grill
  2. Symposium Cafe Restaurant and Lounge – North
  3. Union Social Eatery
  4. Yorkshire Arms
  5. Spice Lounge & Tapas
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