Top 5 Butter Tarts in Mississauga

Published October 7, 2016 at 5:09 pm


‘Tis the season for fall desserts and what better way to celebrate sweater weather than with butter tarts! These tarts became the ultimate Canadian dessert when they first showed up in our cookbooks in the early 18th century. These days, they are available in all sorts of flavours, from raspberry + Nutella to walnut. Basically, there are plenty of choices for the butter tart lover. Here are the top five spots to grab the best butter tarts in Mississauga.

 5) Nova 

Located in the Shoppers Drug Mart plaza, Nova is one of the best bakeries in Mississauga, so it is no surprise that they take the top spot on the list. Their butter tarts come in two types: plain and with pecans. The filling is baked perfectly, and has the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. The pastry was a little underdone, but the runny filling will make you forgive and forget.

Tarts are $1.49 each

4) Kate’s Town Talk Bakery

Every year, Kate’s Town Talk Bakery features their butter tarts at the Ontario Butter Tart Festival, and after tasting them I can see why they’re always a hit. The small bakery is located in the heart of the Streetsville, where they sell everything from sugar cookies to pies to tarts. There is always a line at Kate’s Town Talk Bakery, but the friendly staff is always there to make sure everything runs like clockwork. The pastry on their butter tarts is close to perfection. It is flaky, and super buttery! They also offer a wide range of flavours for their butter tarts, including Nutella + raspberry, pecan, raisins and original.

Tarts are $1.75 each.


3) Cordi’s

Cordi’s Bakery’s butter tarts are a steal! Priced at a dollar each, they also have a unique presentation, served as square tarts instead of the traditional round shape. Their butter tarts have a perfect filling to pastry ratio, and are baked fresh every morning. They also offer a pack of six butter tarts in their freezer section if you want to buy in bulk.


2) French Corner Patisserie

Perhaps one of the cutest bakeries in Mississauga, French Corner Patisserie sells two types of butter tarts – plain and pecan. Baked fresh every morning, their butter tarts are on the expensive side, but if you really want to impress with presentation, these are the way to go. Their pastry is laminated beautifully which almost makes up for the filling being on the thick side.

Expect to pay $2.75 per tart.


1) Applewood Bakery

If you’re not careful, you may miss Applewood Bakery. Located in a strip mall on North Service Road, this bakery has an unassuming location, yet it has a great reputation for all of their freshly baked goods. Their butter tarts are no exception. Whatever your preference, they have you covered, offering plain, walnut and pecan varieties. You can really taste the butter in Applewood’s butter tarts, and they have a super flaky pastry, which would make them a perfect addition to any dessert table.

They cost $1.50 each. 

  1. Applewood Bakery
  2. French Corner Patisserie
  3. Cordi Italian Bakery
  4. Kate’s Town Talk Bakery
  5. Nova Pastry & Bakery
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